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RADT 465 Image Eval

ARRT registry review covering Image Production and Evaluation

An increase in added filtration will result in a ______ in x-ray intensity and a _______ in effective energy of the x-ray beam. decrease, increase Buschong p146
What is the direction of electron travel in the x-ray tube? cathode to anode Buschong p122
What technical changes would best serve to remedy the effect of very dissimilar tissue densities? high-kilovoltage exposure factors Buschong p273
Where is the focal-spot blur the greatest? at the cathode end of the x-ray beam Buschong p287
What is the reduction in x-ray photon intensity as the photon passes through material? attenuation Buschong p185
What radiographic instruments are used to measure the thickness of body parts in order to determine optimal selection of exposure factors? calipers Buschong p 308
The slit camera test requires two exposures to evaluate ______ and accuracy? focal-spot Buschong p462
Two types of exposure-time artifacts are_______ and ______? double exposure and motion Buschong p473
What is the continued emission of light by a phosphor after the activating source has ceased? phosphorescence Buschong p221
What imaging a body part over 4 inches and using a high kilovoltage, what sort of radiographic equipment can be employed to produce a better image? Grid Buschong p248
Differential absorption is related to pathology and ________. subject contrast Carlton p245
Greater latitude is available to radiographers in film/screen imaging when they use ________ factors. high-kilovoltage Carlton p185
If 16 mAs was used to produce a particular x-ray image, what new mAs value would be required to produce a similar image if the kVp was increased by 15% 8 mAs Buschong p254
When the light field goes pass the body as in a lateral lumbar, what can be done to prevent excessive density due to undercutting? use lead rubber to absorb primary radiation on tabletop Carlton p233
What is used to express the resolution of a diagnostic image? line pair per millimeter (Ip/mm) Carlton p334
What is used to express resolution/recorded detail? Modulation transfer function Carlton p334
As the CR laser scanner/reader recognizes the photostimulated luminescence released by the PSP storage plate, it constructs a graphic representation of a pixel value distribution. This is a? histogram Carlton p361
Improved recorded detail and heat capacity can be achieved with an anode with a _______ angle. small Buschong p139
High signal-to-noise is most likely to produce a _____-quality image? high Buschong 112
True or False: Beam restriction improves spatial resolution? False Buschong p243
Geometric unsharpness is affected directly by? OID Carlton p444
The scale of contrast becomes longer as grid ratio _______. decreases Carlton p432
With the anode heel effect, the intensity of the x-ray beam is greatest at? the cathode end of the beam Carlton p407
Radiographs made with parallel grids show decreased density on their lateral edges from? decreased SID Carlton p260
Using 600mA and 0.02sec would be more helpful to control voluntary or involuntary motion? involuntary motion Carlton p451
On CR imaging, the latent image present on the PSP is changed to a computerized image by: the analog to digital converter (ADC) Carlton p358
Grids being off-center can cause_______ which would result in overall loss of density. grid cutoff Carlton p257
When a radiologic technologist uses a SID of 25-30 inches with a 14X17 IR, it is likely to: increase the anode heel affect Carlton p407
Luminescent light that is emitted by the PSP gets transformed into the image on the CRT by: ADC Carlton p357
What layer of the CR image plate records the radiographic image? photostimulable phosphor Carlton p357
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