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RADT 465

ARRT Registry Review- Patient Care

Someone disclosing patient information is guilty of what? Invasion of privacy (pg. 1)
What is an iatrogenic infection caused by? Physician intervention (pg. 1)
What is an accidental injection of any substance into tissues around a vein called? Extravasation (pg. 2)
What is the purpose of a defribillator? correct an ineffectual cardiac rhythm (pg. 2)
What is needed for a patient who is suffering from a serious medical emergency within the hospital? crash cart (pg. 18)
What is the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kg of water? Osmolality (pg. 2)
What is the thickness or concentration of the contrast agent termed? viscosity (pg. 18)
What is the legal docrine respondeat superior? It means "let the master answer" (pg. 3)
What is a quantity of medication introduced intravenously over a period of time called? infusion (pg. 3)
What is the legal document for an authorized individual to make the health care decisions for someone that is unable to termed? advanced health care directive/living will/health care proxy (pg. 3)
Which stage is the infection introduces and lies dormant? Latent period (pg. 20)
Which stage do the microbes/infection reproduce? Incubation period (pg. 20)
Which stage does the patient's body begin to fight off the infection? recovery period (pg. 20)
What practice is used to reduce the viscosity of contrast material? Warming the contrast (pg. 6)
What is a swan-ganz catheter? IV catheter used to make various heart readings (pg 24)
what is angina pectoris? condition which coronary arteries are not supplying enough blood to the heart (pg. 9)
What is the normal BUN level range? 8-25 mg/100 mL (pg. 27)
What is the normal creatinine level range? .6-1.5 mg/100 mL (pg 27)
What is urticaria? hives (pg. 10)
What is the ethical principle that is related to sincerity and truthfulness? Veracity (pg. 11)
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