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RADT 465 PatientCare

ARRT registry review coving Patient Care

Two forms of intentional misconduct include slander and invasion of privacy Carlton p315
A recumbent patient gets up suddenly and begins to feel faint or light-headed. What is this called? orthostatic hypotension Carlton p168
Healthcare professionals can observe what when interviewing patients? objective signs Carlton p159
What is the ethical principle that states "do no harm"? nonmalficence Carlton p352
Battery is defined in legal terms as unlawful touching of a person without their consent Carlton p374
A radiographer is assisting a patient with a strong side and weak side back to their wheelchair. Which side should be positioned closest to the wheelchair? strong side Carlton p168
Moist heat (autoclaving) is the most effective method for: sterilization Torres p116
The legal documents authorized to make health care decisions for an individual if they are unable to make them are: advance health care directive and living will Carlton p155
What three pieces of information must be included in a patient's chart or medical record? medical history, informed consent, diagnostic orders Torres p19
The units of measuring blood pressure is: millimeters of mercury (mmHg) Torres p149
The number of compressions per minute on an infant increases or decreases as compared to an adult when performing CPR. increases Carlton p285
The final pulse that is heard when taking blood pressure is: diastolic pressure Torres p149
HIPAA stands for: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act Torres p20
A patient prescribed a diuretic will experience promoted: urination Torres p288
The most frequent site of nosocomial infection for a patient is: urinary tract Torres p49
______ precautions are suggested by the CDC for health care workers to protect themselves from blood and body fluid. Standard Torres p62
This practice is used to hinder the growth of pathogenic bacteria: antisepsis Carlton p230
Which of the following should be avoided when working with geriatric patients: giving straight forward instructions, moving quickly, or addressing them by name? moving quickly Carlton p152
Nasal cannulas are used to ____________ to patients. deliver low-flow oxygen Carlton p204
Patients in the Trendelenburg position would have their head resting _________ and their feet resting ________. higher, lower Bontrager p18
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