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Black History Bowl

Business and Education

The founder BET, who became the first African American billionaire in 2001? Robert "Bob" Johnson
What successful businessman was also the founder of Negro Free Masonry? Prince Hall
Available since 1884, what is the oldest continuously published newspaper in the United States? Philadelphia Tribune
Who became the first African American female billionaire in 2004 Oprah Winfrey
What was the name of the first Black American radio network? National Negro Network
Who was the first Black to anchor a national network television news program? Max Robinson
Who was the first Black American women bank president? Maggie Lena Walker
Who was the first Black American to have a seat on the New York Stock Exchange? Joseph L. Searles
Established in 1945, What is the name of the world's largest black owned publishing company which owns Ebony and Jet magazines? Johnson Publishing Company
Who founded the Ebony magazine? John H. Johnson
Who was the founder and president of the first Black American national labor union in 1869? Issac Myers
What did Madame C.J. Walker invent in 1905 that was sold door to door? Hair Care Preparation Products
The North Star was a weekly newspaper founded by which abolitionist in 1847? Frederick Douglass
What labor activist who founded the Brotherhood of Sleeping Car Porters in 1925 initiated the 1963 March on Washington? Philip Randolph
From what Atlanta college did Martin Luther King Jr. graduate? Morehouse College
Who was the first Black American female president of Spelman College? Johnetta Cole
Who was the first Black American to graduate from College? John Russwurm
What is Dr. Carter G. Woodson known? Black History Month
W.E.B. Dubois was the first Black American to receive a PH.D. from what prestigious university? Harvard University
What state has the most black institutions of higher learning? Georgia
Name 2 of the 4 colleges that make up the Atlanta University Center, the largest contiguous consortium of African-Americans in higher education in the United States? Clark Atlanta University, Morris Brown College, Spelman College, Morehouse College, and Morehouse School of Medicine
Who was the President at Tuskegee Institute who recruited and hired George Washington Carver? Booker T. Washington
Starting with $1.50 in cash, what college did Mary McLeod Bethune found? Bethune-Cookman College
Who was the first Black president of the school board in Atlanta, Georgia? Benjamin E. Mays
This is the first and only black college consortium, founded in 1929? Name it. Atlanta University System
In what state is Tuskegee Institute located? Alabama
In what year did the US Supreme Court order school integration? 1954
Who was the first Black man to appear on the cover of Life magazine? Billy Eckstine
In what year did Maggie Lena Walker become the first Black woman bank president? 1903
Established in 1881, what college holds the distinction of being America's oldest historically black college for women? Spelman College
Born in 1810, who was William Leidesdorf? One of the first Black American Millionaires
Who was the first Black American to become captain of an American merchant marine ship? Hugh Mulzac
What famous educator and social reformer wrote Up from Slavery? Booker T. Washington
Did Carter G Woodson found--Jet Magazine or the Journal of Negro History? The Journal of Negro History
In 1958, what civil rights leader shared the Spingarn Medal with the Little Rock Nine? Daisy Bates (advisor to students who integrated Central High School in 1957)
Name three meanings for the seven principles of Kwanzaa. unity • self-determination • collective work and responsibility • cooperative economics • purpose • creativity • faith
Created by: shundracaldwell
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