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RADT 465 Pt Care

ARRT Registry Review Covering Patient Care Content Area

What is the medical abbreviation meaning "after meals?" pc (Saia p13)
Where should radiographers keep the medication in a patient's IV line? 28-30 inches below the level of the vein (Saia p12)
Cyanosis involves skin discoloration in the what? Gums and earlobes (Saia p10)
Particulate matter that enters the respiratory bronchi can cause what specific disorder? Pneumoconiosis (Saia p9)
Name some examples of nasogastric (NG) tubes. Salem-sump & Levin (Saia p8)
When extravasation of contrast media during an IV injection occurs, what should the radiographer do first? Apply pressure to the vein until bleeding stops (Saia p6)
What is the medical term for congenital clubfoot? Talipes (Saia p11)
What is a cathartic used to do? Stimulate defecation (Saia) p5)
In which position would a patient with orthopnea be most comfortable? Erect (Saia p4)
When a patient is unable to make health care based decisions for himself or herself, an authorized document/individual that is used is called what? Advance care directive, living will, & health care proxy (Saia p3)
What is the term for the total number of dissolved particles in solution per kilogram of water? Osmolality (Saia p2)
Name some symptoms of a vasomotor effect experienced after administration of IV contrast. Nausea, syncope, anxiety (Saia p1)
What medication is a vasodilator, lowers blood pressure, and relieves the pain of angina pectoris? Nitroglycerin (Saia - Lange Software)
Where is the intertrochanteric crest located? Proximal posterior femur (Saia - Lange Software)
What is the name of the drug that is used to prolong blood clotting time? Heparin (Saia - Lange Software)
When a patient with an upper respiratory infection is transported to the radiology department, which individual(s) should be masked? The patient (Saia - Lange Software)
The most common cause of lower GI obstruction in infants, Hirschsprung's disease, is also referred to as what? Congenital megacolon (Saia - Lange Software)
Name some clinical manifestations of neurogenic shock. Bradycardia, hypotension, warm, dry skin, initial alertness if not unconscious from head injury (Torres p155)
What is the definition of systolic blood pressure? The highest point reached during contraction of the left ventricle (Torres p139)
What is the proper way to dispose of a contaminated needle? Do not recap the needle and dispose of the entire syringe (Saia p7)
Created by: meschnell