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4th Grade Midwest Region Test

Capital of North Dakota? Bismark
Capital of Ohio? Columbus
Capital of Nebraska? Lincoln
Capital of Michigan? Lansing
Capital of Wisconsin? Madison
Capital of Missouri? Jefferson City
Capital of Indiana? Indianapolis
Capital of Minnesota? St. Paul
Capital of Illinois? Springfield
Capital of Kansas? Topeka
Capital of Iowa? Des Moines
Capital of South Dakota? Pierre
What is a flat bottom boat? A barge
What is irrigation? The process of bringing water to farms to spray over fields
What is a gated part of a river or canal? A lock
What is erosion? The process by which water and wind wear away rock
What is a system of rivers, lakes and canals through which many ships travel? A waterway
What are the 5 Great Lakes? Lake Huron, Lake Ontario, Lake Michigan, Lake Erie, and Lake Superior
How does the Illinois Waterway or the Illinois River affect the transportation of goods? --Goods can shipped (moved) on barges from Chicago to the Mississippi River. --From the Mississippi River, goods can get to the Gulf of Mexico. --Goods can reach many people around the Midwest.
What two bodies of water does the Illinois River connect? Lake Michigan and Mississippi River
What two bodies of water does the St. Lawrence Seaway connect? Atlantic Ocean and the Great Lakes
Where are the Badlands located? South Dakota
What are the Badlands? What do they look like? They have dry hills and sharp (pointy) cliffs formed from crumbling rocks.
What are fossils? The remains of dead plants or animals found in the ground. For example, the bones of a T-Rex or other dinosaurs.
What is uncovered from erosion in The Badlands? Fossils
What are some animals you might find in The Badlands? --birds --snakes and reptiles --porcupines --prairie dogs
What are prairies? What do they look like? They have lots of grass since it grows well here, but trees are rare.
List the state or states in the prairie. South Dakota, Kansas, Nebraska, and North Dakota
The Midwest is important because it is the worlds most _______________________ region. Agricultural
What is one reason that farms grow different crops? Water
What did the Midwest settlers in the early 1800's build? Farms
What did pioneers on the prairies make their home out of? Sod or grass
Who made the first steel plow in the 1850s? John Deere
What were two challenges Midwestern settlers faced? --Clearing and plowing the land for crops --Transporting (moving) their products to the market
What helped the Midwestern settlers overcome their challenge of clearing and plowing the land? New plows because they made it much easier for them.
What helped the Midwestern settlers overcome their challenge of transporting their products? The railroads made it much easier and quicker for them.
How does rainfall affect the crops grown in different areas of the United States? --Some crops grow better in dry areas. --Some crops grow best with more water.
Created by: edavidshofer
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