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biodiversity the variety of life on earth, reflected in the variety of ecosystems and species, their processes and interactions and the genetic variation within and among species.
biosphere the part of the earth and its atmosphere where living things exist.
class a taxonomic category that ranks below phylum and above order.
classification grouping organisms into categories based on shared characteristics or traits.
ecological processes relationships between organisms and their environments.
ecological sucession The gradual change in an ecosystem that occurs as communities slowly replace one another
economics science that deals with the production, distribution and consumption of goods.
ecoregion a relatively large unit of land that is characterized by a distinctive climate, ecological features and plant and animal communities.
ecosystem a community of organisms that are linked by energy and nutrient flows and that interact with each other and with the physical environment.
endangered species a species threatened with extinction
endangered species act Legislation enacted to ensure the survival of endangered plant and animal species; habitats critical to their survival may be protected.
extinct a species that no longer exists
gene a segment of DNA that includes the coded information in an organism’s cells that makes each species and individual unique
genetic diversity the genetic variation present in a population or species
genus a taxonomic category that ranks below family and above species
habitat the area where an organism lives and finds the nutrients, water, sunlight, shelter, living space, and other essentials that it needs to survive.
habitat loss the destruction, degradation, and fragmentation of habitats; primary cause of biodiversity loss
immigration to move into another area
introducted species and organisms that has been brought into an area where it does not occur naturally.
invasive species an organism that has been brought into or spread into an area where it does not occur naturally
kingdom one of the main taxonomic divisions into which natural organisms and objects are classified
migration the movement of animals in response to seasonal changes or changes in the food supply
native species a species that occurs naturally in an area or habitat
order a taxonomic category that ranks below class and above family
organsim a living thing
over consumption the use of resources at a rate that exceeds the ability of natural processes to replace them.
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