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Heat Treatments

Process and examples. OL question 3

Describe the process of Carburising It increases the carbon content of steel. This is done by putting steel into a furnace at 900 degrees with charcoal powder
How is steel Hardened It is heated to Cherry Red and Cooled rapidly in water
Why is Steel Tempered It is tempered after hardening to keep the hardness but remove the brittleness by increasing the toughness
How is steel tempered It is first polished It is then heated to a blue color and cooled slowly
Explain the term Quenching When metal is put into water or oil to cool it very fast to make it harder
Why is metal Annealed To improve its Ductility and Mallaebility and make it easier to bend and shape without tearing
How is steel Annealled It is heated to a Cherry Red color and cooled slow
List some 'Quenching Media' Water, Oil, Brine and Air
Why might steel be Case Hardened So its outside is very hard but the inside is softer and more ductile
How is Steel Case Hardened The outside of a round bar is heated to cherry red and then quenched. But the inside is not changed as it is not let heat up to the same red color and is kept cool
What could be done to remove work hardening effects Anneal the metal
What heat treatment is carried out on the tip of a screw driver or chiesl It is hardened and tempered
How is the tip (Cutting edge) of a chisel, dot punch or screwdriver heat treated They would be hardened by heating to cherry red and then cooled fast in water to make them hard. They would be then tempered by polishing them, then heating them to a purple color and then cooled slowly.
What heat treatment is carried out on the head of a Chisel or dot punch. (The part hit with the hammer) It is annealled
Why is the head of a Chiesl or dot punch annealled Because it becomes very hard (work-hardened) and brittle when it is hit with a hammer and little chips can break off.
Describe how the head of a Chisel or dot punch may be heat treated. It is Annealed by heating it to cherry red and then cooled slowly.
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