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Unit 6 Sentences

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 6 Sentences

Sentence With BlankBlank Answer
If we want government to provide services, we must pay taxes to __ ( ) the costs. Defray (inf)
Computers rapidly___ ( ) typewriters in the workplace, just as photocopies replaced carbon paper. Supplanted (verb)
In a totalitarian state, people who do not ___( ) closely to the party line are likely to find themselves in trouble with the authorities. Hew (verb)
The old man had a ___ ( ) grip on life; he planned on reaching his one hundredth birthday in vigorous health. Tenacious (adj)
I know that he will say almost anything to save his own skin, but I feel that in this case his account of the incident is ___ ( ) and should be accepted. Credible (adj)
Because my home is located at a busy intersection, I have been forced to accustom myself to the ___ ( ) hum of traffic; it never ends. Incessant (adj)
Despite the hard work of our teachers and the high quality of our educational institutions, our students are struggling to keep pace as they are ___ ( ) by a twentieth-century school schedule that holds back the twenty-first century student. Hampered (verb)
Grandpa was clearly deteriorating cognitively, but he did manage to have a few ___( ) moments now and again. Lucid (adj)
After Joe’s weekend of sassy remarks and sullen quiet, he tried hard to ___ ( ) for his mistakes. Atone (inf)
The penniless adventurer is a character so familiar to fiction readers that further description of the type is __ ( ). Superfluous (adj)
I shall never forget the ____ ( ) sight that greeted us when we arrived at the scene of the accident. Ghastly (adj)
After packing on fifty pounds in just a few short months, Aggie became prey to persistent ____ ( ) from her heartless classmates. Taunts (n)
A host of foreign affairs officials worked out ___ ( ) details of the four-nation peace accord. Intricate (adj)
Even after the most systematic and _____ ( ) search, we could not locate the documents that we needed to prove that Grandma’s house was ours. Diligent (adj)
Stieg Larsson’s estate collected the royalties for his The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Millennium series _____ ( ); he died before he knew about the success of his writing. Posthumously (adv)
The Bill of Rights guarantees basic freedoms; were we to lose them, we would be spiritually and socially _____ ( ). Impoverished (adj)
His grimly ____ ( ) smile was one which I would have paid a million dollars to wipe off his face with crisp slap. Sardonic (adj)
What use is financial independence if a person remains forever in ___ ( ) to foolish fears and superstitions. Bondage (noun)
It was not a brutal countenance, but it was _____ ( ), hard, and stern, with a firm-set, thin-lipped mouth, and a coldly intolerant eye. Prim (adj)
Frankly, I am tired of your endless ______ ( ) complaints about all the people who have been unfair to you. Doleful (adj)
To guarantee a brighter future for the country it is necessary to ___ ( ) the current school schedule with a modern one. Supplant (inf)
Many educators maintain a _____ ( ) hold on the 180-day school year with summers in recess even though the school year was originally designed this way to keep children out of the schools because without AC they were deemed unfit. Tenacious (adj)
School schedules years gone by were shaped by the harsh demands of city life and were in _______ ( ) to the unyielding hold of farm life; thus our current schedules have not been updated since the nineteenth century. Bondage (noun)
Many argue that students already work _____ ( ) during the day and argue that students need after-school hours and summer days to earn money, help at home, or pursue key Incessantly (adv)
The apprehensions that students will be exposed to horrible illnesses in a hot summer classroom are _______ ( ) today as we now know how germs are spread and we now have many schools with central air conditioning. Superfluous (adj)
Despite the ____ ( ) of our hard-working educators and high-quality educational institutions, our students are struggling to keep pace, ____ ( ) a twentieth-century school schedule that holds back the twenty-first century student. Diligence (noun) and Hampered (adj-participal)
The argument that the expense of keeping schools open longer would _____ ( ) school districts is easily refuted. Impoverish (v)
Horace Mann might ______ ( ) agree that modern conveniences make schools comfortable year round. Posthumously (adv)
They (see the writing of walls) understand that having hardworking and caring educators as well as fresh thoughtful curricula are not enough to ______ ( ) for the short school year, and in March 2009, President Obama spoke of the ______ ( ) of the issues. Atone (inf) and Intricacies (noun)
Schools kept open throughout the summer can serve other vital community needs and be rented to civic groups; improved skills for students in medicine, science, and business would _______ ( ) the costs. Defray (verb)
Advocates of the current school day ____ ( ) to the argument that children do not need longer days; rather, they need to have better educational experiences while they are in school. Hew (verb)
The contention that students need to spend quality time and not a larger amount of time in school are both _________ ( ), easy to understand, and ________ ( ), acceptable. Lucid (adj) and Credible (adj)
The community members in the Shirley Jackson’s “The Lottery” seem to have no problem with stoning a friend, a sister, a brother, a mother, a father, or a neighbor, never ______ ( ) for the sin and crime of brutal murder. Atoning (adj-participal)
African Americans were held in __ ( ) for many years as slaves, for many years because of the Black Codes, and for even more years in sharecropping system of the Jim Crow South. Bondage (noun)
Tessa of “The Lottery” did not present a __________ ( ) argument when her husband drew a paper that indicated that someone in his family would be the target. She screamed implausibly, “You didn’t give him time enough to draw any paper he wanted!” Credible (adj)
The proceeds from the Rastafarian Rap-it-out Raffle helped to _____ ( ) the cost of the evening. Defray (inf)
Mr. Summers _____ ( ) folded all the lottery tickets and stuffed them into the black box to make ready for the next day’s event. He assiduously followed the tradition year after year. Diligently (adv)
Tessie Hutchinson let out a ______ ( ) cry when she saw her family and community gather around her with hands full of murderous stones. Doleful (adj)
The Lottery is a ______ ( ) tradition that the community members follow blindly, never considering that in its simplest form it is premeditated murder. Ghastly (adj)
John wanted to go to Officer’s Training School, but two marking periods of poor grades and a string of misdemeanors _____ ( ) his plans. Supplanted (verb)
Even in a crisis, we must _____ ( ) to this nation’s principles of liberty, equality, and justice. Hew (verb)
After WWII, ______ ( ) European nations received United States aid under the Marshall Plan. Impoverished (adj)
The loud and _______ ( ) chatter in the BMS lunchroom sent many students to the library, begging to be members of a book club discussion group. Incessant (adj)
Venice a city in northwestern Italy is sited on a group of 117 islands joined together with bridges and an ____ ( ) network of canals. Intricate (adj)
We found Harry lying on the pavement with a devastating head injury; when we asked him what had happened, he was not ______ ( ) enough to remember what had happened. Lucid (adj)
My dad was awarded a _____ ( ) military cloth for his heroic efforts in the Battle of the Bulge; he would have been so proud. Posthumous (adj)
Reverend Brooks had two ______ ( ) little maids for daughters and a wild hellion for a son. Prim (adj)
Great satirists save their most __ ( ) wit for the greedy, the corrupt, and the hypocritical. Sardonic (adj)
Janet’s boss advised her to make the call, ask only for the vital information, and avoid queries about the _____ ( ). Superfluous (adj)
By the early 19070’s paved highways in the rural South had _______ ( ) the network of narrow dirt roads that ran through many counties. Supplanted (v)
Sally was so sick of Sammy’s inattention and callous manner that she ______ ( ) him by casting him off and dating his arch enemy Buster. Taunted (verb)
Alec Hardy was a _______ ( ) detective, who would stop at nothing to find the truth and solve the murder of Tess Durby, found dead on Brighton Beach on December 23, 2014. Tenacious (adj)
Created by: molly565
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