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Phys: Chapter 11

Magnetism terms

Electric current produces a magnetic field
What happens when you increase the number of coils or the speed of motion It increases the amount of current produced.
Motors are machines that convert electrical energy into what? rotating mechanical motion
What increases with temperature? particle motion
What does a magnetic field produce? electric current
A magnetic field affects the motion of what? electrical charges in a conductor
What is the right hand rule of magnetism? If you grasp a wire so your right thumb points in the direction of the flow of the conventional current, the magnetic lines of force caused by the current will point in the direction your fingers wrap around the wire.
In unmagnetized ferromagnetic materials the magnetic directions of the domains are oriented randomly, so their magnetic forces ______. cancel each other out
When the external magnetic field is applied the domains align to form a ____ ____. permanent magnet
If you cut a magnet is half you will end up with what? two smaller magnets with a North and South pole
Scientists have found that even when magnets are divided as many times as physically possible, each of the microscopic fragments have a _____. N and S magnetic pole
Even molecular structures that form magnets exhibit a magnetic dipole.
What is the Law of Magnetism? Like poles repel, opposites attract
The ancient Greeks found ____ which baffled them with their strange ability to attract and hold iron pieces. loadstones
Conventional current flows in the opposite direction from electrons
The direction of the magnetic field lines is determined by a ______ inserted into the field. small compass
A solenoid with a bar magnet inserted in the middle makes an ___. electromagnet
Magnetic objects always have a __ and ___ they are magnetic dipoles. north, south
What is a solenoid? A coil of wire that acts like a magnet
Magnetism is what kind of force? field
Magnets are slightly attracted to what? paramagnetic substances
The distance between field lines indicates what? the strength of the field
The temperature at which a material will abruptly lose its ferromagnetic properties is called what? the Curie Temperature
What happens if the magnetic field is unchanging ? No current is produced.
Magnetic field lines point from what end to what end? North end to South
When the concentration of magnetic field lines near a conductor increases or decreases, a force is exerted on what? Electrons
A turbine is a machine that converts the energy of a moving fluid (gas or liquid) into what? Rotational motion
Magnets strongly attract what? ferromagnetic materials
Highly mobile electrons move through a conductor creating what? current IF the conductor is a part of an electrical circuit
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