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Science SOM

An example of natural plasma... a fire
Boyle's Law explains the relationship between volume and pressure for a fixed amount of... gas
Boiling and melting points are examples of a... physical property
What is an example of a chemical property? flamability
Which state of matter are the particles most attracted to each other? Solid
List the four states of matter from lowest anergy level to highest energy level. Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma
what are 2 natural plasmas? Lightning and Fire
Which state of matter is most plentiful? Plasma
What is Viscosity? The thickness of a liquid, it's resistance to flow
What is Boyle's Law? As you increase Pressure, you decrease Volume...And as you decrease Pressure, you increase Volume
What is Charles's Law? As you increase Temperature, you increase Volume...And as you decrease Temperature, you decrease Volume
What is the Amorphous Solid? The particles are not arranged in any particular order
What is Bernoulli's Principle? Explains Aerodynamics, hose, and sprayers...liquid
What is Pascal's principle? Explains hydrolic lifts
What is a Physical Property? Properties observed without changing the identity of the substance
What is a Chemical Property? Properties observed that will change the identity of a substance
Breaking your pencil is... a physical change
Cutting your hair is... a physical change
Mallability is... a physical change
Burning Bubbles is... a chemical change
Rusting is... a chemical change
Do physical changes change the identity of a substance? No
Do chemical changes change the identity of a substance? Yes
(Short Answer) To protect their crops during freezing temperatures, orange growers spray water onto the trees and allow it to frees. In Terms of exothermic and endothermic changes, explain why this practice protects the oranges from damage. Exothermic=released energy and Endothermic=requires energy.....Freezing is exothermic. When the oranges are frozen, the energy will stay in the orange and it will stay warm.
Created by: SSSullivan