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Neuro, Otic/Optic

Veterinary Pharmacology

diazepam 'Valium' Obsessive compulsive disorders
buspirone 'BuSpar' OCD
amitriptyline 'Elavil' OCD, inappropriate urination, spraying in cats
fluoxetine 'Prozac' OCD
clomipramine 'Clomicalm' Separation anxiety
selegeline 'Anipryl' Cognitive dysfunction
acepromazine 'Atravet' Travel stress
Medroxyprogesterone 'Depro-Provera' Aggression, Stress
Atropine Mydriatic, dilates pupil fundic exam, prevent synechaie formation in uveitis, decrease pain from miosis CI: glaucoma
Tropicamide Mydriatic, dilates pupil, paralyzes muscles of ciliary body
Pilocarpine Miotic, constricts pupil Used in glaucoma to increase the outflow of aqueous humor
acetazolamide, methazolamide 'Diamox' 'Neptazane' Reduce IOP Carbonic anhydrase inhibitor Decreases production of aqueous humor
timolol 'Timoptic' Reduce IOP Beta blocker Decreases production of aqueous humor
mannitol 'Mannitol' Osmotic diuretic Reduce IOP IV emerg to decrease IOP
Proparacaine 'Opthaine' topical anesthetic desensitize cornea and conjunctiva to facilitate IOP measurements and examinations of sore eyes or FB removal
Tetracaine 'Pontacaine' topical anesthetic, see proparacaine
idoxuiridine 'Stoxil' Antiviral topical ophthalmic antiinfective FIV
Miconazole Antifungal topical ophthalmic antiinfective used mostly in horses
Antibacterial bacitracin/polymyxin/neomycin (BNP), CHAP (Chloralean) gentamicin (gentocin ophthalmic) tetracycline
Cyclosporin 'Optimmune' common immunosuppressive agent used in the eye in KCS to improve tear production, or in pannus
gentamicin, betamethasone 'Gentocin Otic'
dexamethasone, neomycin, thibendazole 'Tresaderm'
Gentamicin, betamethasone, clotrimazole 'Otomax'
nystatin, neomycin, thiostrepton, triamcinolone 'Panalog'
framycin, fucidin, nystatin, prednisone "Canaural'
Miconazole, polymixin B, prednisone 'Surolan'
DMSO, fluocinolone 'Synotic'
pyrethrins 'Hexamite' 'Mites Out' Antiparasitics for ear mites
thiabendazole (dexamethasone, neomycin) 'Tresaderm' ear mites
Ivermectin 'Ivomec' Ear mites off label
selamectin 'Revolution' Ear mites, topical on shoulder, locally irritating, hairloss at application site
lactic acid, salicylic acid 'Epi-Otic' Drying, cleansing agent
boric acid, isopropylalcohol 'Panodry' Drying agent
malic acid, salicylic acid, propylene glycol 'Routeen' Drying, cleaning agent
hexamethyltetracosone 'Cerumin' cerumenolytic agent
DSS, hydrocortisone, salycilic acid, sulfur, liquor carbonic detergents 'Cerex' cerumenolytic
chlorhexidine 'Bedatine' 1% Cerumenolytic agent
bethanechol 'Urecholine' Treats GI/urinary atony, cholinergic, parasympathomimetic
Pilocarpine 'Pilocar' 'Alcarpine' 'Isoptocarpaine' Cholinergic, parasympathomimetics, decrease IOP associated with glaucoma
Metoclopramide 'Reglan' Cholinergic, parasympathomimetic Control vomiting, promote gastric emptying and motility
Atropine 'Atropine sulfate' Dries secretions, prevents bradycardia, antidote to organophosphate poisoning, dilates pupils, slows gut Cholinergic blocking, parasympatholytic
Glycopyrrolate 'Robinul-V' Dry secretions, quickens HR Cholinergic blocking, parasympatholytic
Ephinephrine 'Adrenalin' 'Epichor' Increase HR, vasoconstrictor in skin, vasodilator in muscles, bronchodilation, increases metabolism, used in CPR Adrenergic, sympthomimetic
Norepinephrine 'Levothed' increases blood pressure, used in CPR Adrenergic, Sympathomimetic
Isoproterenol 'Isuprel' Bronchodilator Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Phenylephrine 'Neo-Synephrine' Nasal vasoconstrictor Adrenergic, Sympathomimetic
Dopamine 'Intropin' Treats shock, CHF, increases renal perfusion Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Phenylpropanolamine 'Propalin' Urinary Incontinence Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Dobutamine 'Dobutrex' CHF Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Ephedrine 'Vatronol' 'Pyrahist' Bronchodilation, antihistamine Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Xylazine 'Rompun' 'Anased' Analgesic, sedation Adrenergic, sympathomimetic
Acepromazine 'Atravet' Alpha blocker, vasodilation, sedation Adrenergic blocking, sympatholytic
Prazosin 'Minipress' Hypotensive, decrease blood pressure, CHF Adrenergic blocker, sympatholytic
Yohimbine 'Yobine' 'Antaganil' antidote for xylazine toxicity Adrenergic blocker, sympatholytic
Propanolol 'Inderal' 'Inderide' Treat arrythmias, hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, increases blood pressure Adrenergic blocker, sympatholytic
Timolol 'Timoptic' Treats glaucoma, decreases IOP Adrenergic blocker, symaptholytic
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