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RADT 465 Pt care

ARRT registry review covering pt care

What is the removal of all microorganisms and their spores? surgical asepsis (p.34)
What is the practice that retards growth of pathogenic bacteria? Antisepsis (p.34)
What does the top number represent when checking blood pressure? systolic (contraction) (p. 33)
What does the bottom number represent when checking blood pressure? diastolic (relaxation) (p.33)
What are symptoms of inadequate oxygen supply? dyspnea, cyanosis, diaphoresis, retraction of intercostal spaces, dilated nostrils, and distention of veins in the neck (p.33)
What is a contaminated inanimate object such as a doorknob or IV pole called? fomite (p.33)
What is an insect or animal that carries infectious organisms? vector (p.33)
What is nitroglycerin? vasodilator (p.32)
How high should an IV bag be kept? 18-20 inches above the vein (p.31)
What charge could be filed against a technologist for performing the wrong exam? battery (p.31)
What is the medial term for club foot? talipes (p.30)
What is the normal BUN range? 8-25 mg/100mL (p.27)
What is the most effective method of sterilization? moist heat (p.26)
What is the first step after extravasation? apply pressure until bleeding stops, then apply cold compress (p.24)
What are different parenteral methods? intramuscular, subcutaneous, IV, intrathecal (p.22)
What do cathartics do? stimulate defecation (p.22)
What happens during the incubation period of an infection? infective microbes begin to multiply (p.20)
What is an antiarrhythmic used to prevent or treat arrhythmias? lidocaine (p.17)
What does oral administration of barium demonstrate? the esophagus, fundus, body, and pylorus of stomach, and small bowel (p. 17)
What must every radiographic image include? the patient's name, the side marker, date of the exam, identity of the institution (p.17)
What side should you help a patient transfer toward? their strong side
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