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Imaging Science 2

X-ray tubes, transformers, generators, timers and switching

What is the purpose of a transformer? To increase or decrease the voltage input without loss of energy
Transformers transfer electrical energy from one circuit to another by___________ Mutual Electromagnetic Induction
Why is a transformer essential? To transfer the energy from the mains power into usable energy to produce x-rays
A high tension transformer produces a _____ of high voltage for ________________ 1. current 2. Production of x-rays
A large potential difference between the cathode and anode causes what in a high tension transformer? Accelerated electrons at the filament to high velocities
A high tension consists of a _______ and _______ circuit 1. Auto transformer 2. Step-up transformer
What is the purpose of an auto transformer? To allow for fluctuations in the mains input voltage before the current is fed to the HT transformer
What does the pre-reading voltmeter do? Measures incoming voltage and allows for fluctuations in the national grid
Which transformer ensures that the incoming line voltage remains constant? Auto transformer
What is the purpose of a step -up transformer? Permits the supply of a suitably increased current to the cathode filament
Where is the kV meter placed in a step-up transformer? Across the primary circuit
What does the kV meter measure? Incoming voltage but calibrated to read across the x-ray tube voltage
Which is more effective, a three-phase or single-phase generator? Three-phase
What is the purpose of rectification? To convert an AC current to DC current
What is the optimal wave form after rectification? A waveform with short and narrow-spaced peaks
What does an x-ray generator do? Provides power to the x-ray tube
In a transformer, the volts per turn is _____ everywhere in the transformer Constant
The total voltage of the secondary winding is the product of the ______ volts per turn Primary
Since volts-per-turn is constant, the total voltage on the secondary must be _______ Secondary Voltage=Primary Voltage X Turns Ratio
Turns Ratio= Secondary Turns/Primary Turns
Created by: sarah.scheuber