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RADT465-Rad Safety

ARRT Registry Review Covering Radiation Protection

What is the unit of measurement for frequency? Hertz (Hz) (Lange Prep Pg. 225)
Which type of ionizing radiation composes the majority of our exposure? Natural background radiation (Lange Prep Pg. 226)
Which interaction is a high energy x-ray photon that ejects an outer shell electron? Compton scatter (Lange Prep Pg. 228)
True or False. In a threshold curve, there is no safe dose. False (Lange Prep Pg. 231)
Which type of curve means that the effect of radiation are not proportional to the dose received? Nonlinear curves (Lange Prep Pg. 231)
According to the Law of Bergonie and Tribondeau, which 3 tissues are particularly radiosensitive? Stem cells, young/immature cells, and highly mitotic cells (Lange Prep Pg. 233)
Are diagnostic x-rays considered low or high LET radiation? Low LET radiation (Lange Prep Pg. 234)
What dose is needed for central nervous system (CNS) acute radiation syndrome? 5000 rad (50 Gy) (Lange Prep Pg. 241)
In which stage of acute radiation syndrome do symptoms disappear? Latent stage (Lange Prep Pg. 242)
What is the most efficient beam-restricting device? Collimator (Lange Prep Pg. 250)
What type of kV and mAs values should be used to extend tube life? (high or low) High kV and low mAs (Lange Prep Pg. 253)
What is the total filtration requirement for equipment operated above 70 kV? 2.5 mm Al equipment (Lange Prep Pg. 254)
What are the 3 indicators for the effective use of gonadal shields? Gonads are in or within 5 cm of collimated field, reproductive age, diagnostic objectives permit (Lange Prep Pg. 255)
What are the 2 types of AEC? Ionization chambers and photo timers (Lange Prep Pg. 259)
What happens to patient dose when a grid is used? Patient dose increases (Lange Prep Pg. 261)
What is the source-to-skin distance (SSD) for fixed fluoroscopic equipment? 15 inches (Lange Prep Pg. 263)
What is the most important source of scatter radiation? The patient (Lange Prep Pg. 270)
What must the tabletop intensity of the fluoroscopic beam be less than? 10 R/min (Lange Prep Pg. 271)
What are the requirements for primary protective barriers? 1/16 inch lead thickness and 7 feet high (Lange Prep Pg. 272)
What is the gestational dose limit to the fetus during the gestation period? Must not exceed 500 mrem (5mSv) (Lange Prep Pg. 274)
What are the traditional radiation units of measurement? Roentgen, rad, rem (Lange Prep Pg. 281)
What does rad stand for and what is its SI unit? Radiation absorbed dose, Gray (Lange Prep Pg. 282)
Which radiation monitor uses lithium fluoride? Thermoluminescent dosimeter (TLD) (Lange Prep Pg. 285)
Which radiation monitor allows for an immediate reading? Pocket dosimeter (Lange Prep Pg. 285)
How do you determine the lifetime cumulative exposure for the occupationally exposed individual? 1 rem x age in years (Lange Prep Pg. 289)
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