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RADT465-EQ and QC

ARRT Registry Review Covering Equipment Operation and QC

Which type of target interaction comprises 70% to 90% of the x-ray beam? Bremsstrahlung (Lange Prep Pg. 431)
Are frequency and photon energy directly or inversely related? Directly related (Lange Prep Pg. 433)
Which interaction with matter is most responsible for patient dose? Photoelectric effect (Lange Prep Pg. 434)
What converts mechanical energy to electrical energy? Generators (Lange Prep Pg. 437)
Which type of transformers operate on the principle of self-induction? Autotransformers (Lange Prep Pg. 441)
What does the process of full-wave rectification do? Changes a non-useful negative half-cycle to a useful positive half-cycle (Lange Prep Pg. 442)
What type of voltage ripple is produced by a high-frequency generator? Less than 1% voltage ripple (Lange Prep Pg. 442)
What is the focusing cup made up of? Negatively charged nickel or molybdenum (Lange Prep Pg. 445)
What causes the anode to rotate? Induction motor (Lange Prep Pg. 445)
Why is tungsten chosen as a target material? High atomic number (74), high melting point (3,410 degrees C), thermal conductivity (Lange Prep Pg. 446)
What does the line focus principle state? Effective focal spot is always smaller than the actual focal spot (Lange Prep Pg. 448)
What type of test is used to evaluate timer accuracy? Spinning-top test (Lange Prep Pg. 454)
What is the typical entrance skin exposure rate in fluoroscopy? 2 R/min (Lange Prep Pg. 476)
What happens to patient dose in fluoroscopy as the image intensifier (II) is moved closer to the patient? Dose decreases as II moves closer to patient (Lange Prep Pg. 479)
What is the purpose of automatic brightness control in fluoroscopy? Automatically adjust kV or mA to maintain constant brightness and contrast (Lange Prep Pg. 482)
What type of detector plates are used in computed radiography (CR)? Photostimulable phosphor plates (PSP) (Lange Prep Pg. 459)
What happens in an indirect conversion detector? X-rays are converted to light scintillations and the light is converted to electric signals (Lange Prep Pg. 466)
What should be the relationship between the collimator light field and the actual x-ray field? Congruent to within 2% of the SID (Lange Prep Pg. 496)
How often do fluoroscopic shielding apparel need to be checked? Annually (Lange Prep Pg. 498)
What is the life of a typical photostimulable phosphor plate (PSP) if cared for appropriately? 10,000 exposures (Lange Prep Pg. 500)
Created by: marchuleta1