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matter test

science test

what is matter something that takes up space
what are the three states of matter solid liquid gas
what properties does matter have volume shape mass
what is mass the amount of matter an object has
what is volume amount of space matter takes up
what is a solid it has a definite shape, mass and volume
name some solid objects tree, chair, couch, bed, tv, people
What are solids made up of? Tiny particles called atoms that are very close together. they bond together and don't change shape
what is a liquid? it does not have a definite shape but do have definite volume and mass.
are liquid atoms close together? yes but they can move around
do liquids take the shape of their container? yes they change shape based on container
does gas have a definite shape or volume? no a gas spreads out everywhere
if a gas Is not in a container what will happen? it will spread out indefinitely (forever)
are atoms in a gas spread out or close together? spread out and move freely
What are some things made up of gas? air, the sun, clouds, carbon dioxide, natural gas, steam, helium
what is a physical property of matter? anything you can observe about matter by using one of your senses
how many senses do you have? 5
What are the 5 senses? smell, sight, taste, touch, hearing
What is density? it is the mass of matter compared to its volume
how are solids alike? All solids are made up of particles and stay the same shape
how are liquids and solids different? solids have shapes that stay the same and liquids can change shapes
how are gases different than solids and liquids Gases do not have volume or shape and liquids and solids do because their particles stay closer together
two different changes of state are condensation and evaporation
What is condensation? is a change of gas to a liquid
What is evaporation? is when water moves in the air and becomes a gas
how are condensation and evaporation the same? both are changes of state.
How are condensation and evaporation different? Evaporation changes liquid to gas. Condensation changes gas to liquid.
what is a physical change? change in matter that does not form new kinds of matter
what are some examples of physical change? cutting paper, sharpen pencil, mixing cereal and fruit together, mixing up red beads with yellow beads
what is a chemical change? a change that forms a different kind of matter
what are some examples of chemical change? rusting, mixing flour, sugar and water to make dough, mixing lemons, sugar and water to make lemonade,
What is energy? the ability to make something move or change
what are some examples of energy? electric, wind, sound, water,
how is the energy you use to grow different from the energy seeds use to grow? People need food to have energy to grow and plants need sun light
What is kinetic energy the energy of motion
name some examples of kinetic energy kid going down a slide, arrow flying through air, car moving, pedaling a bike
what is potential energy energy of position
examples of potential energy are? standing still, a stopped car, a book on a shelf, sitting at the top of a slide
how is the energy of a book sitting on a shelf different than a book falling? a book on a shelf has potential energy (still) and book falling has kinetic energy (moving)
is mixing flour eggs and yeast into bread a physical or chemical change? chemical (three things blend into one thing)
is metal rusting a physical or chemical change? chemical (metal is reacting with air to change color)
is a loaf of bread cut into sliced bread a physical or chemical change? physical
when a fresh apple becomes a rotten apple is that a physical or chemical change? chemical the air is changing it
Created by: alexisbidwell