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RADT 456: Pat Care

ARRT registry review

What is the definition of a fomite?(pg 28) An inanimate object that has been in contact with an infectious microorganism
What are the names of the two most common types of chronic inflammation of the intestines? (pg 31) Ulcerative colitis and Crohn's disease
The higher the gauge number, the ___________ the diameter. (pg 32) Smaller
Name the position in which the head is positioned lower than the feet? (pg 32) Trendelenburg position
What are the four vital signs? (pg 21) Temperature, pulse, respiration, and blood pressure
Most needle sticks tend to occur when attempting to recap a needle. True or False? (pg 25) True
What is the device called that is placed underneith the patient's skin to regulate their heart rate? (pg 25) Pacemaker
What is the most successful form of sterilization? (pg 26) Moist heat, also known as autoclaving
What is the normal BUN level? (pg 27) 8 to 25 mg/100 mL
A bluish discoloration due to the lack of oxygen in the blood is termed? (pg 29) Cyanosis
What is the definition of autonomy? (pg 29) Each patient has the right to decide what will and will not be done to them
What are the four components to the cycle of infection? (pg 30) Host, reservoir, pathogenic organism, and transmission
What is the average respiration rate for children? (pg 32) 20 to 30 breaths/ min
What does the abbreviation "tid" stands for? (pg 33) Three times a day
What is the term for low blood pressure? (pg 35) Hypotension
What does viscosity refer to? (pg 18) Thickness
Two disorders resulting in the softening of bone are what? (pg 19) Rickets and osteomalacia
The first sound heard when taking a blood pressure is termed? (pg 35) Systolic pressure
The medical term for fainting is known as? (pg 32) Syncope
What is the bottom number in a blood pressure reading called? (pg 24) Diastolic
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