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Alternate Energy

Post Test - Alternate Energy

Energy The capacity to do work or the capacity to produce motion, heat, or light.
Potential Energy Energy that is waiting to happen; for motion to take place; energy in storage.
BTU British Thermal Unit is a unit of themal heat measurement.
Fossil Fuel Non-renewable energy source formed from once livng organisms from which energy is obtained by burning them.
Solar Collector A device for collecting heat from the sun.
Photovoltaic Cells Also known as PV or solar cells. Comes from the words photo (light) and volt (a measurement of electricity). Captures sunlight and converts it into electrical energy.
Wind Farm Wind power plants or clusters of wind machines used to produce electricity.
Magma Molten rock beneath the earths surface that rises to the earths crust carrying heat.
Uranium The most common fuel used for nuclear fission.
Sustainable Development Meeting our energy needs now-without spoiling the chances of future generations meeting their needs.
Which sector of the economy uses the most energy? Industrial
Converting one form of energy into another always involves a loss of usable energy, usually in the form of ____. heat
kinetic energy example A truck moving down a highway
Worldwide, most coal is burned to produce ____. electricity
Crude Oil A non-renewable fossil fuel, also called petroleum.
Nuclear Fission Energy is released when the nuclei of atoms are split apart to generate electricity.
One wind machine can produce enough electricity to power about____ homes per year. 50
Advantage of hydropower plant. store energy
Passive Solar Heating Uses no special mechanical equipment and distribute heat by the natural absorption of sunlight through windows.
Created by: SCullum