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Human Geo Unit 6

Irondale Human Geo Unit 6 Review cards by Libby Darling

What are the four too's? Dry, cold, wet, and mountainous
Four main regions of the world? Western Europe, South Asia, Southeast Asia, and East Asia
What was Thomas Malthus' theory? There would be too many people in the world for the available resources
What are the five themes of geography? Region, movement, human environment interaction, place, and location
What are the four different types of map distortions? Shape, distance, relative size, and direction.
What are the four main Geographic Analysis tools? GPS, GIS, Remote Sensing, and Mash Ups
What is a toponym? A name given to a place on Earth.
What are the main types of distribution? Density, Concentration, and Pattern.
What are examples of Commercial Agriculture Regions? Dairy farming, mixed crop and livestock, grain farming, livestock raising, commercial gardening and fruit farming, and Mediterranean agriculture
What are examples of Subsistence Agriculture Regions? Shifting Cultivation, Pastoral Nomadism, Intensive Subsistence Agriculture, and plantation agriculture.
What ring is Forestry in the von Thunen model? 2nd
What is the main practice of sustainable agriculture? Limited use of chemicals.
What is the Industrial Revolution? A series of improvements in industrial technology that changed how to manufacture goods.
What are the three main site factors that influence the location of a factory? Labor, Land, and Capital
What is a service? Any activity that fulfills a human want or need and returns money to those who provide it.
Who created the Central Place Theory? Walter Christaller.
What is urbanization? process by which the population of settlements grow
What is the Central Business District (CBD)? Usually the 'downtown' area of most cities. Most well-known and visually attractive area.
How does the Concentric Model move outwards? In rings.
How does the sector model move outwards? In wedges.
What is gentrification? Process when mid-class move and renovate houses in deteriorating inner-city neighborhoods.
What is the largest universalizing religion? Christianity.
Is Hinduism an ethnic or universalizing religion? Ethnic.
Is ethnicity or race a part of someone's cultural identity? Ethnicity.
What is a state? Area organized into a political unit.
What are the five shapes of states? Elongated, fragmented, prorupted, compact, perforated.
What are the three types of physical boundaries? deserts, mountains, and water ways.
What three factors are used to measure the Human Development Index (HDI)? standard of living, education, and life-span.
The ____ is the maximum distance people are willing to travel to use a service. Range
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