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5th Exam Review

Review Cards for Today's Exam

Adaptations Special structures or behaviors that help an organism survive in a particular ecosystem.
Organic Matter matter that results from the decaying living things and plants that are left in mature soil. This type of soil matter is never always carbon-based.
Inorganic Matter Matter that is the result of the decaying of nonliving things in mature soil. This matter is always non carbon-based.
Mature Soil Soil that has completely undergone the process of weathering and split into four layer ( O horizon, A horizon, B horizon, and C horizon).
O Horizon The 1st and very top layer of mature soil, called the organic layer because it is where plants and animals live.
A Horizon (Top Soil ) 2nd Layer of mature soil which contains organic matter, including decaying plants and plant roots. It is very rich in nutrients and is the home of many insects, worms and burrowing animals
B Horizon (Subsoil) 3rd Layer of Mature soil that contains clay and mineral deposits that have not yet been weathered
C Horizon( Substratum) Lowest Layer of mature soil that contains weathered bedrock and is isolated from the soil formation process
Igneous Rock Rocks formed from the cooling of volcanic magma beneath the earth's surface
Sedimentary Rocks Rocks formed from deposited and compressed( Smashed together) sediments and are found in layers.
Metamorphic Rocks Rocks that have been changed by heat and pressure.
Minerals solid pieces of inorganic ( never lived ) matter in mature soil. materials.
Weathering Process by which wind and water breaks down a rock in an environment
Mechanical Weathering Process in which rocks are physically broken inot smaller pieces by wind, water ice or heat.
Erosion the transport of soil or rock by water, ice, or wind.
Water Erosion
Created by: Cjblount08