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Def test #2 rad

Adhesive Layer A thin layer of adhesive material that covers both sides of the receptor base and attaches the emulsion to the base
Latent Image The pattern of stored energy on the exposed film
Screen, Rare Earth A type of intensifying screen used in extra-oral radiography
Silver Halide Crystals Crystals that are suspended in the emulsion of the dental X-ray film
Milliamperage The number of X-rays emitted from the X-ray tubehead
Penumbra The fuzzy, unclear area that surrounds a radio graphic image
Radiolucent The portion of an image that is dark or black
Radiopaque The portion of an image that is light or white
Fixer Cutoff A straight black border appears on a film as a result of using too low a level of fixer solution
Reduction A chemical reaction during film processing in which the halide portion of the exposed energized silver halide crystals is removed
Quality Assurance Special procedures used to ensure the production of high-quality, diagnostic radiographs
Radiographic Reference A radiographic processed under ideal conditions and then used to compare the film densities of radiographs processed daily
Informed Consent Consent given by a patient following completed disclosure about the particulars of a procedures
Malpractice Improper or negligent conduct or treatment
Standard of Care The quality of care that is provided by dental practitioners in a similar locality under the same or similar conditions
Bloodborne Pathogens Microorganisms present in blood that cause disease in humans
Intermediate-level Disinfectant US EPA registered chemical germicides labeled as both "hospital disinfectant" and "tuberculoidales"
Infectious Waste Waste that consist of blood, blood products, contaminated sharps, or other microbiologic products
Semi critical Instrument Instruments that contact but do not penetrate soft tissue or bone
Standard Precautions Measures that integrate and expand the elements of universal precautions into a standard of care
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