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Art 2

1924 year surrealism began
literary movement before it was an art movement it was a
dreams, unconscious, element of chance, and multiple levels of reality surrealism explored
WWI and Sigmund Freud what was going on during the time of surrealism
a little over 11 million how many people were killed during WWI
Sigmund Freud father of psychoanalysis
Andre Breton founder of surrealism
odd, weird, strange other words for surreal
impossible scale, double images, juxtaposition characteristics of surrealism
max ernst, salvador dali, joan miro, man ray, rene magritte 2 artists from the surrealist time period
dali fell in love with his own reflection, in the painting something is being reflected why is the metamorphis of narcissus relevant
renes mom drowned and her clothes covered her face why does rene often paint pictures of people with their faces covered with cloth
Created by: pace_sauce