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Chapter 10 Med Term

Quick and Easy .. Leonard

albumin/o albumin (ype of protien)
-ation process
-esis action, process or result of
glycos/o sugar
olig/o few scanty
ur/o urine or urinary tract
urin/o urine
-uria urine or urination
Structures of the Urinary System 2 kidneys2 uretersbladderurethera
nephron functional unit of kidney
cyst/o bladder (sometimes cyst or sac)
glomerul/o glomerulus
nephr/o kidney
ren/o kidney
pyel/o renal pelvis {reservoir in kidney that collects urine}
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
-al pertaining to
-ic pertaining to
glomerulus cluster of blood vessels that are surrounded by Bowmans capsules, Part of the Nephron that filters blood.
tubules long twisted tube of the nephron. carries urine from glomerulus to collecting duct.
Anti-diuretic Hormone {ADH} increases reabsorbtion of water.. therefore decrasing urine output
Urinary Bladder where urine is stored until urination
nephron the functional unit of the kidney
urethra tubular passgae by which urine is discharged from the bladder
ureter tube through which urine passes from kidney
urinalysis urine test
glycosuria sugar in urine
protienuria protien in urine
hematuria blood in urine
albuminuria albumin (type of protien) in urine
pyuria pus in urine
ketonuria ketones in urine
diabetes mellitus endocrine disorder characterized by glosuria and hyperglycemia ( hight blood sugar levels) and a inadequate production of insulin
renal angiography radiographic study to assess arterial blood supply yo kidneys
stenosis constriction or narrowing
bilateral both sides
unilateral oneside
nephrosonography ultrasound scan of kidney
nephroptosis prolapse or sagging of kidney
nephrolithiasis presence of kidney stones
renal calculi kidney stone aka nephrolith
pyelitis inflamation of the renal pelvis
nephritis brights disease.. inflamation of kidney
glomerulonephritis inflamation of the glomeruli
intravenous urography radiographic exam of the urinary system. contrast is injected intervenously, fillms are taken as contrast passes thru system
interavenous pyelography Intravenous urography.. images produced called pyelogram
cystoscope exam of the urinary bladder. Instrument passes thru urethra into bladder.
urethroscopy visualizaton of the urethra
cystoureteroscopy visual exam of the ureter and bladder
cystitis inflammation of the bladder
dysuria difficult or painful urination
polyuria excrete large quanity of urine
diuresis excrete large quanity of urine
anuria absence of urination less than 100 ml a day
oliguria dimished capacity to form urine less than 500 ml a day
olig/o few or scanty
uremia presence of nitrogen containing waste in urine
cystocele a bladder hernia that protrudes into the vagina
nephrosis degenterative changes in the kidneys but no inflammation
nephrotoxic destructive to kidney tissue
polycystic kidney disease hundreds of fluid filled cysts thruoghout the kidneys
polyp tumors found on mucosal surface
renal failure ffailure of kidney to preform its function
retrograge urography injection of contrast into renal pelvis. contast is injected thru catherters put into ureters.
urinary incontinence inability to hold urine in bladder
urinary retention inability to empty the bladder
urinary tract infection infection of urinary system
voiding cystourethrogram radiographic exam of bladder and urethra taken while expelling urine.
nephromalacia softening of the kidney
nephromegaly enlargment of both kidneys
ureteral pertaining to ureter
pyelitis inflamation of renal pelvis
nephrectomy surgical removal of kidney
superapubic catheter incision in the abdomen aprox 1 inch above pubis symphis.. into bladder
urethral catherization most common.. cathereter into distal ends of ureters
percutaneous nephrostomy urinary diversion. catherter placed into renal pelvis completely bypassing ureters
hemodialysis kidney dialysis blood is dyfused thru a membrane to remove toxic materials from blood.
pertoneal dialysis alternitive to hemodialysis .. solution to clean blood it intoducted thru pertoneum
diretic increase urnination
transurethral resection small piece of tissue from surrounding area is removed thru urethra wall
cystostomy new surgical opening in bladder
lithotripsy crushing of a stone
nephrolithotomy removal of a kidney stone thru insion into kidney
nephropexy sugical attachment of prolapsed kidney
nephrostomy creating a new opening into renal pelvis
pyelostomy creating a new opening into renal pelvis
percutaneous bladder biopsy removal of tissue of the bladder by using a needle inserted thru the skinoverlying the bladder
pyelolithotomy sergical incision of the kidney to remove stone from the renal pelvis
ureteroplasty surgical repair of the ureter
cyt/o cell
cyst/o bladder
ureter/o ureter
urethr/o urethra
-esis action process or resulting from
-stasis controlling
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