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Midterm Review

Energy from the Sun reaches the Earth through what form of heat transfer? radiation
When does an object have the greatest amount of kinetic energy? when it is moving the fastest
When placed in direct sunlight, what types of objects will absorb the most visible light? dull/dark colored objects
When placed in direct sunlight, what types of objects will reflect the most visible light? shiny/light colored objects
What is the Law of Conservation of Energy? energy cannot be created, it only changes form
When a television set changes electrical energy to sound and light energy, some energy is... changed to/given off as heat
What two factors determine the amount of gravitational attraction between two objects? mass and distance
If an object is pulled in two directions, it will move in which direction? in the direction of the larger force
What type of heat transfer occurs in a liquid or gas? convection
What type of heat transfer causes warm particles to speed up, rise up, loose their energy as they cool down, and sink, to be reheated in a cycle again? convection
Why is moving river water considered a renewable resource? the water cycle keeps renewing the water over time
Which phase change occurs between a solid and a liquid? melting
What phase change occurs between a liquid and a gas? evaporation
What phase change occurs as a gas converts into a liquid? condensation
What phase change occurs as a liquid converts into a solid? freezing
What phase change occurs as a solid converts directly into a gas? sublimation
In what phase changes is energy absorbed? melting and evaporating
In what phase changes is energy released? condensation and freezing
What are two things that can effect how fast a sugar cube dissolves? the temperature of the water and the size of the sugar cube particles
A graduated cylinder measures what? volume
A triple beam balance measures what? mass
A meter stick measures what? length
What does Newton's third law state? for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction
What does Newton's first law state? an object in motion will stay in motion/at rest unless acted on by an unbalanced force
What is the formula for Newton's second law? F=MA
What is one reason windmills are a better source of energy than fossil fuels? renewable/less pollution
What is one reason people feel windmills are not a great source of energy? loud/interferes with radio signals
Created by: Mr.McKeehan