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Drug Classifications

adrenergics/vasoconstrictors increase cardiac output through vasoconstriction, dilate pupils & bronchioles, relax GI & urinary tracts
adrenergic blockers vasodilation, reduce blood pressure, increase muscle tone of GI tract
non-narcotic analgesic relieve pain
narcotic analgesics block pain receptors
anesthetics prevents sensation of pain and/or produces loss of consciousness
antacids neutralizes stomach acid
antianxiety agents reduce anxiety & tension
antibiotics kill or inhibit growth of microorganisms
anticholinergics reduce spasm in smooth muscle
anticoagulants prevent blood clotting
anticonvulsants prevent/control seizures
antianginal/vasodilators relieves angina
antidepressant relieves depression
antidiarrheal relieves diarrhea
antidote counteracts poison
antiemetics relieve nausea & vomiting
antifungal kills or slows growth of fungi
antihistamine counteracts histamine to relieve allergies
antihypertensive agents lower & control blood pressure
anti-inflammatory agents reduce inflammation
antimigraine agents treatment & prevention of migraines by altering circulation to the brain
antineoplastics cancer treatment/prevention, chemo
antipsychotics alter chemical actions in the brain to treat bipolar & schizophrenia
antipruritics relieve itching
antipyretics lower body temp
antiseptics inhibits growth of microorganisms
antitussives relieves cough
antiviral agents inhibits growth and reduces the spread of viral cells
bronchodilators dilates bronchi
cathartics (laxatives) promotes defecation
CNS stimulants affect chemicals in the brain to treat ADD & ADHD
contraceptives inhibit conception
decongestants relieve nasal congestion
diuretics increases urine output & lowers blood pressure
emetics induce vomiting
expectorants liquefies mucus to be coughed out
hematopoietic agents promote RBC production to treat anemia
hemostatic agents promotes clotting, stops bleeding
hormone replacement agents replace & maintain hormone levels
hypnotics relax muscles, induce sleep, lessen brain activity
lipid-lowering agents reduce blood cholesterol levels & increase HDL
miotics cause pupil contraction
muscle relaxants relax muscles
mydriatic agents dilate the pupils
narcotics depress the CNS to relieve pain
oral hypoglycemic agents increases insulin production to treat diabetes mellitus Type 2
osteoporosis agents promote bone mineral density
steroids mimic chemical made by the body
corticosteroids mimic natural steroids produced by the body
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