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Pharm Tech

Chapter 1

The first physician known by name was Imhotep
Hippocrates approach to medicine was based on careful observation
the ancient Greek goddess of medicinal Herbs was Panacea
Derived from the bark of the Peruvian tree, Jesuit's powder, used along with preventive measures, helps keep this disease under control malaria
Aspirin is made from salicylic acid from the bark of the ___ tree willow
____ was the first effective local anesthetic Cocaine
Around 3000 B.C. ______established by trial and error, about 365 herbs that could be used as health treatments the chinese emperor Shen Nung
The __ from __ is an 1100 page scroll document containing about 800 prescriptions using 700 drugs mostly derived from plants Papyrus Ebers, 1500 B.C.
The first great book of Indian medicine describing over 500 herbal drugs that had been used for centuries was written in 100 A.D.
The Persian Rhazes who wrote one of the most popular textbooks of medicine in the middle ages was a man of science and an alchemist
__ was a __ physician who wrote a five volume encyclopdia in __ one of which was devoted to natural medicines and another compounding drugs from individual medications Avicenna, Islamic, 1000 A.D.
An authoritative listing of drugs and issues related to their use is a Pharmacopeia
___ Showed that heat can be use do kill micoorganisms associated with food spoilage Pasteur
___ discovered penicillin could kill some bacteria Fleming
____ are substances produced by the body to regulate body functions Hormones
____ identified the structure of DNA Watson and Crick
The pharmaceutical manufacturing industry devotes about ___ of its income to research and development 1/6
____ protect against illegal copying of new discoveries Patenting
The FDA is required to - ensure that a drug is safe and effective for its intended use - monitor a drug after it is marketed to enusre it works as intended - monitor a drucg for any adverse effects
The length of time from the beginning of development of a new drug to FDA approval is often more than ___ years Ten
Tn most cases the individual who dispenses the perscribed medication to the patient is the Pharmacist
The Omnibus Budget Reconciliation Act (OBRA) requries that pharmacists provide Counseling services to Medicaid patients
To become a pharmacist in the U.S. An individual must graduate from an accredited college of pharmacy, pass a state licensing exam, and perform experiential training working under a licnsed pharmacist
The area of greatest employment for pharmacists is Community pharmacies
In managed care, care is managed by an insurer
Lists of drugs approved for use by managed care oranizations are called formularies
Information that is entered and stored into a computer, such as a patients name is called data
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