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Laser & Fiber Optics

Post Test - Laser & Fiber Optics

Photon A light particle which is a small, distinct packet or unit of light wave energy.
Refraction When photons of light slowed down and bent as they pass through a material such as glass or water.
Reflection When photons of light strike a material such as a mirror and bounce off in another direction.
Laser A device which produces a powerful beam of light. Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation
Compact Disc Player Audio equipment that uses a low-powered LASER.
Fiber Optic Cable Flexible, hair-thin plastic or glass optical pipes in which light waves are guided to transmit data.
Solid State Laser Diode Very small LASERs used in fiber optics
Endoscope A medical application of fiber optic technology used for the direct visual examination of internal body surfaces.
Cladding The outer layer of an optical fiber having a lower refractive index than the core.
Attenuation The loss of light transmission in an optical fiber caused by foreign material within the fiber, scattering light out of the fiber core, and the leakage of light out of the core caused by environmental factors.
The greatest danger associated with using LASERs. eye damage
Built first LASER in 1960. Theodore Maiman
Speed of light in a vacuum is: 186,000 miles per second
Two materials used in optical fiber core construction: glass, plastic
Why can light waves transmit large sums of information quickly? Because they have short wavelengths and high frequencies
Communication systems transmit messages through a ______? Channel
Hologram Three dimensional picture created by exposing photographic film to LASER light.
Bell in Atlanta The first trial installation of a fiber optic telephone line occured in 1976.
Created by: SCullum