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Materials & Pro.

Post Test - Materials & Pro.

Manufacturing When industrial materials are changed into usable products
Raw Materials Occur in nature, taken from the earth, and processed into industrial materials.
Alloy A combinaiton of two or more metals.
Ceramics A material made from firing or baking clay or other iorganic (non-living) materials such as plaster, glass, or cement.
Thermoplastics Plastics that soften when heated and retain their shape when cooled
Composite A material produced by combining several substances together. The new material has special properties.
Material Properties Different traits of qualities that are specific to manufacturing materials.
Primary Processing Changing raw materials into industrial materials.
Forming Changing the shape or size of a material without cutting.
Heat Conditioning Applying heat to metal to change its internal properties.
The purpose of adding a finish coat to a material. Beautify or Protect
Examples of property of material Hardness, Strength, Appearance
Type of Industrial Materials metal, plastic, wood
Classifications of Wood hardwood, softwood, manufactured board
Separating Processes shearing, sawing, drilling
Materials can be fastened together mechanically by using: nails, screws, rivets
Mechanical Property How a material reacts to a force or load.
____materials are found in nature, ____materials are made by man. natural, synthetic
Forming Processes forging, pressing, casting
Created by: SCullum