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Intro to Tech

Post Test - Intro to Tech

Technology The use of accumulated knowledge to process resources to meet human needs and wants.
Technological System An orderly way of achieving a goal; designed to produce a desired result.
Invention The process of designing new products.
Computer Aided Drafting The process of using a computer to create a drafted documents.
World Wide Web A system of informational pages linked together located on computers around the world.
Modem An electronic device that sends and receives information over the telephone lines or cable.
Search Engines Programs or Web sites that enable users to search for information on the internet.
Maglev Train High-speed ground transportation vehicles which are suspended, guided, and propelled along a special guideway by magnetic forces.
Photovoltaic Cell Absorbs sunlight and converts the Sun's radiation into electricity or heat.
Human Factors Engineering The application of knowledge relating top people and thier actions and environments; improving the link between humans, machines, devices, and products.
What are advantages of email over snail mail? Speed, custom distribution, storage, privacy
Design Gather information, develop alternative solutions, select the best solution, implement the solution, evaluate the solution
Name the components of a technological system? input, process, output, feedback
resources All the things you need to produce a product, provide a service, or solve a problem
Internet Links together thousands of computer networks around the world that can all communicate with each other
links when clicked take you to other web pages
ergonomics The study of designing equipment and devices that fit the human body, its movement, and its thinking patterns
inexhaustible energy unlimited energy supplies that cannot be used up, such as energy of the Sun, wind, and water.
Three primary functions basic to magnetic levitation technology. levitation, propulsion, guidance
Created by: SCullum