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Post Test - CAD

CAD Computer Aided Drafting
CAD Workstation software, computer, monitor, and input and output devices
CAD Software software program that contains a comlex set of instructions that allows a drafter to create drawings
Input Devices keyboard, mouse, disk drives etc.
Editing Altering, or modifying, parts of an existing CAD Drawing.
Title Bar The top bar on the display shows the name of the program in use and the current file open.
Seed Drawing A blank part file that has your CAD preferred settings.
Text Attributes Text entity attributes include color, font, and character height.
Detail Drawing Drawing used in manufacturing to specify the exact shape and size of objects.
Dimensions Describe the size of objects in a CAD Drawing.
3/8 inch Standard practice calls for this minimum space between the object and the first dimension.
Computer Graphics Refers to method of using a computer to draw.
In the 1960's the following industries began using CAD. automotive, defense, aerospace
Name three tools for CAD Drafting. computer, cad software, monitor
Three areas a CAD drafter should train in? drafting, software, hardware
Networking Allows many computers to be hooked together
1980's Most CAD advances took place
Cost not a benefit of CAD
Created by: SCullum