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Research and Dev.

Post Test - Research & Dev.

Dragster Specialy-built, high-horsepower race cars that race two at a time, side by side.
Aerodynamics Refers to the interaction of a vehicle or air craft moving through the atmosphere; or how the wind flows over, under, and around the vehicle.
Downforce Devices such as wings, spoilers, and air dams that use airflow to keep a race car on the ground.
Friction The rubbing of one object or surface against another; a force that resists the relative motion of two bodies in contact.
Mass Relates to the volume or bulk that an object contains.
Rough Sketch A freehand drawing that is larger and more detailed than a thumbnail sketch showing how a dragster might look from the top and side.
Technical Drawing A detailed, measured drawing drawn to scale that is the same size as finished dragster.
Design Brief A guide that leads an engineer or designer through a design project.
Specifications Specific requirements of the design that provides the guidelines.
Limitations Rules that must be followed to let the designer know exactly what boundaries they must work within.
Distance of a professional drag race. 1/4 mile
If you reduce the mass but apply the same force the acceleration will ____. increase
Prototype A model of a product used for testing.
Design Process Planned process of change or planning.
Frontal Area Dragsters are built flat, narrow, and low to reduce this.
Carbon fiber Used to manufacture seating, chassis components, bodywork etc.
Carbon Dioxide Cartridge Used to power dragster.
Created by: SCullum