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Post Test - Engineering

Truss Bridge Beam bridges that have one or more triangles.
Suspension Bridge A type of bridge where the deck is suspended by hangers from continuous steel cables.
Critical Load The amount of force a structure can hold before failing.
Dead Load Dead loads are permanent loads; they do not change. The weight of a building is a dead load.
Structural Failure A condition that occurs when structures are not able to support the loads placed upon them and they collapse.
Compression The tendency to condense or squash a material.
Tension The tendency for material to stretch, or to be pulled apart.
Shear The tendency of a material to be divided by two opposing forces.
Thrust Lines Imaginary lines of force caused by loads, transmitted through the structue to the ground.
Cantilever When ends of a beam are allowed to overhang the support walls by a short distance.
Stress Measured in newtons, it's the intensity of the forces trying to push or pull a solid material apart.
Bridge Failure Shear near supports, crumbling piers, stretching cables are examples.
Three basic types of bridges. Beam, Arch, and Suspension
Examples of live loads. People, furniture, snow on a roof, wind
Interstate Highway System In 1950's created a boom in bridge building.
Beam Bridge Lighter and cheaper than an arch bridge.
depth The most important factor in determining the strength of a beam or truss bridge.
Gravity, weight, and load Downward forces acting on a bridge.
Created by: SCullum