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Weather Systems

Post Test - Weather

Meteorology The sceintific study of all atmospheric elements which combine to make up weather.
Weather The state of the lower atmosphere at any particular time and place.
Atmosphere A 600 mile thick blanket of gases surrounding the earth.
Troposphere The lowest layer of the earth's atmosphere where all weather occurs.
Jet Stream A strong, high-level wind that can reach speeds in excess of 200 mph circling the earth in the upper troposphere.
Air Mass An extensive body of air having the same temperature and moisture characteristics.
Cumulonimbus A vertically developed thunderstorm cloud, often with an anvilshaped top and accompanied by heavy showers, lightning, thunder, hail, or strong, gusty winds.
Wind Chill Index The calculation of temperature that factors in the effects of wind and temperature on the human body to better describe what the temperature feels like.
Hurricane An intense tropical storm in the Caribbean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Gulf of Mexico or eastern north Pacific Ocean, having sustained winds of greater than 74 mph.
Eye (of Hurricane) The center of a hurricane, characterized by a roughly circular area of light winds.
Isobar Denotes lines of equal pressure on a weather map
Front Collision between a cold dry air mass and a warm moist air mass
Troposphere Area of atmosphere where weather occurs
Stratus Gray skies - type of cloud
Climate Long duration over a large land area
Anemometer/Beaufort Scale Both are used to assess wind forces
anticyclone high pressure system
Temperature Most instrumental in changing the weather in different parts of the atmosphere.
Aneroid Barometer measures atmospheric pressure
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