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Rad #1 def test

Dental Radiography The production of radiographs of the teeth and adjacent structures by the exposure of an image receptor to x-Rays
Radiology The science or study of radiation as used in medicine
Compton Electron An outer shell electron that is ejected from its orbit during Compton scatter
Copper Stem A portion of the anode that dissipates heat away from the tungsten target
Frequency The number of wavelengths that pass a given point in a certain amount of time
Ion Pair A pair of ions, one positive and one negative, that results when an electron is removed from an atom in the ionization process
Milliamperage In radiography, the quantity, or number, of X-rays emitted from the tube head
Molybdenum Cup A portion of the cathode in the X-ray tube, focuses the electrons into a narrow beam and directs the beam across the tube toward the tungsten target
Photoelectric Effect One of the interactions of xradiations with matter, the X-ray photon collides with a tightly bound, inner shell electron and gives up all its energy to eject the electron from its orbit
Contrast How sharply dark and light areas are differentiated or separated on an image
Density The overall darkness or blackness of an image
Half -value Layer The thickness of material that, when placed in the path of the X-ray beam, reduces the exposure rate by one half
Intensity The total energy of the X-ray beam
Inverse Square Law A rule that states that "the intensity of radiation is inversely proportional to the square of the distance from the source of radiation"
Kilo voltage Peak The maximum or peak voltage used during an X-ray exposure
Cumulative Effects The additive effects of repeated radiation exposure
Dose Response Curve A curve that can be used to correlate the "response", or damage, of tissues with the "dose", or amount of radiation received
Free Radical An atom, molecule, or ion that has a negative, positive or zero charge
Ionization The process of converting an atom into an ion
Radio sensitive A cell that is sensitive to radiation
Somatic Cells All the cells in the body, with the exception of the reproductive cells
ALARA Concept A concept of radiation protection that states that all exposure to radiation must be kept to a minimum
Collimation The restriction of the size and shape of the X-ray beam in order to reduce patient exposure
Inherent Filtration Occurs when the primary beam passes through the glass window of the X-ray tube, the insulating oil, and the tube head seal
Maximum Permissible Dose Maximum does equivalent that a body is permitted to receive in a specific period
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