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Unit 7

Geography and Culture of Latin America

Isthmus A narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins 2 larger bodies of land
Archipelago A group of islands
Communism Economic, social and political system based on the teachings of Karl Marx, which supported the elimination of private property.
Humid full of water vapor, damp, moist, hot
NAFTA North Atlantic Free Trade Agreement-trade without quotas or tariffs between U.S., Canada, and Mexico
Tyranny An oppressive and unjust government
Deforestation The widespread cutting of forest
Ecotourist A person who travels to another country to view its natural wonders
Ancestry Family descent
Liberation The securing of equal, social, and economic rights
Amnesty A pardon or free pass for political offenses against a government
Market Economy An economy where buyers and sellers determine the supply and prices of goods and services with high degrees of freedom
Fevala Brazilian slum area of town
Dictatorship A government under the control of one all powerful leader
Mestizo A person mixed with Spanish and Native American background
Representative Democracy A government in which the people are represented by elected leaders
Hacienda large ranch
Free trade zone Areas where people can buy goods from other countries without paying extra taxes
Monarchy A form of government where a king or queen inherits the right to rule
Culture The way of life of a group of people who share similiar beliefs and customs
Arid lacking sufficient water or rainfall
Economy The system of production distribution, and consumption
Natural Resources Products of the earth that people use to meet their needs
Indigenous Originating in charaterisitcs of a particular region or country
Command Economy An economy where the government makes all the economic decisions
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