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7th Geo MidTerm

Cards to study for 7th grade geography semester 1 exam.

Earth’s ___________________ is an imaginary line around which it turns. axis
The amount of time it takes Earth to complete one __________________________ is the basis for our calendar year. revolution
Water covers _______________________________ of the planet. two-thirds
The Northern and Southern Hemispheres experience _____________________________ seasons. opposite
The ____________________________________ is the nickname of the volcanically active region around the Pacific plate. Ring of Fire
Geographers identify climates by looking at temperature, precipitation, and ___________________________________________. native plant life
_____________________________________ contain more types of plants and animals than anywhere else on Earth. tropical rainforests
When moisture from ocean air falls on a mountainside facing the wind, a _________________________ is created on the other side of the mountain. rain shadow
The people elect leaders and rule by majority in a ___________________________. democracy
An organization of the world’s countries that promotes peace around the world is the _____________________________________. United Nations
place where two different air masses meet front
anything in nature that humans use and value natural resource
resources Earth replaces naturally renewable resource
resources that come from the remnants of ancient plants and animals fossil fuel
the place where a plant or animal lives, such as a tropical rain forest habitat
the process of leaving one place to live in another. migration
a territory inhabited and controlled by people in a foreign land colony
an area of high ground that divides the flow of rivers towards opposite ends of a continent continental divide
five lakes that form an important waterway for trade with Canada Great Lakes
Canadian law-making body made up of two houses Parliament
location of Canada’s central government (their Capital city) Ottawa
this person oversees Canada’s Parliament (like the US President) Prime Minister
the strong connection that people feel toward their region regionalism
Mexico’s mines produce more _________________ than any other country in the world. silver
The ______________________________ celebration combines elements of Spanish and Indian culture. Day of the Dead
The __________________ fruit crop was very important to the economies of many Central American countries. banana
Tourists who travel to see an area’s natural environment are participating in ______________________. ecotourism
people of mixed European and Indian ancestry mestizos
land surrounded on three sides by water peninsula
church outposts in colonial Mexico missions
rise in prices that occurs when currency loses its buying power inflation
a mixture of smoke, chemicals, and fog smog
True or False? Early cultures in Mexico included Olmec, the Maya, and the Aztec. True
True or False? Many enslaved Asians were brought to the Caribbean islands to work the plantations. False
a conflict between two or more groups within a country civil war
a large group of islands archipelago
a narrow strip of land that connects two larger land areas isthmus
a self-governing territory associated with another country commonwealth
someone who flees to another country, usually for political or economic reasons refugee
a regional variety of a language dialect
The Andes form a ________________________, a mountain system made up of roughly parallel ranges. cordillera
The Amazon region covers the _____________________________ part of Brazil. northern
The ________________________ run the length of Pacific South America. Andes
Peru’s economic progress depends largely on its __________________________. resources
members of an irregular military force. guerrillas
he led the Venezuelan revolution against Spain Simon Bolivar
a type of vote referendum
a partially enclosed body of water where saltwater and freshwater mix estuary
sudden overthrow of a government by a small group of people coup
a Spanish explorer who captured the Inca king Francisco Pizarro
Created by: missdietrich