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What is Salinity? Salinity is the amount of salt in an area of water.
What are the five largest oceans? Pacific Ocean, Atlantic Ocean, Indian Ocean, Arctic Ocean, and Southern Ocean.
What is a ocean current? It is a large volume of water flowing in a certain direction.
What is Density? It is the amount of weight of an item in water.
How are oceans salty? Water washed off the substance(salt) off of rocks located in the area of water.
What is Polarity? Polarity is is the property of being polar.
What is a Gyre? Is a system of currents.
Identify five major Gyres. North Pacific, South Pacific, North Atlantic, South Atlantic, and the Indian Ocean.
What is the Coriolis Effect? It is the deflection of moving objects in a certain direction.
What is a Unique Compound? It is a compound with unique properties.
What makes up a Molecule? An Oxygen and two Hydrogens.
What was two sources of water for the Earth's oceans? It was Condensation and Asteroids/Comets.
What is Sodium Chloride? It is Salt that dissolves.
Why is water sometimes called the universal solvent? It is called that,because solvent is another word for salt.
Why do water molecules attract each other? By the Polarity makes them attract to each other.
What is Upwelling? It is a movement of water that moves in many different directions.
What are three ocean zones called? The Surface,Middle, and the Deep zone.
In which states of matter can water exist in nature on Earth? Solid,Liquid, and Gas.
What happens if you add sugar to water? It dissolves.
Why does ice float in water? The air density is less than the water which makes the ice float.
What is Cohesion? It is attraction among molecules that are alike.
What is Adhesion? It is the attraction among molecules that are not alike.
What are surface currents? It is linked to gyres.
What are density currents? It is a liquid or gas that is constantly in motion.
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