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RSPT chp 35 Egans

humidity and bland aerosol

Formula for Relative humidity %RH= content/capacity times 100
Where is the isothermic saturation boundary ( ISB) Normally 5cm below the carina this can move up and down depending on how hard the nose has to work. The more work the nose does the ISB moves down. The less work the nose does the ISB moves up
What happens above the ISB temp and relative humidity decrease during insp. And increase during exhalation
What happens below the ISB Temp. And relative humidity remain constant
When does the ISB shift dismally (farther down) When someone breaths dry cold air, airway is bypassed, minute ventilation is higher than normal
What is absolute humidity The weight of the moisture. The amount of water in given volume of gas. Expressed in mg/l
What is relative humidity The ratio between the amount of water in given volume of gas and maximum amount it is capable of holding at that temp.
What is the capacity of water at body temp 44mg/lq
What is the formula for body humidity Absolute humidity/ 44mg/l times 100
What is a humidity deficit Inspired air that is not fully saturated at body temp anything lower than 44mg/l
What is the formula for humidity deficit 44mg/l-absolute humidity
What are the indications for humidification and warming of inspired gas Dry gases that are at a flow greater than 4./min, following incubation of a patient, managing hypothermia, treating bronchospasm caused by cold air.
What is a humidifier device that adds molecular water to gas, occurring by the evaporation of water from a surface
What are the factors that effect a humidifiers function Temp, the higher the temp of a gas the more water it can hold, surface area, time of contact, thermal mass-the greater the amount of water in humidifier the greater the thermal mass
Types of humidifiers Bubble, Passover, wick, HME,cascade
How much dead space does an HME add 30-90 ml
Types of heating elements that require an electrical source Hot plate, wraparound, yolk or collar element, immersion type, heated wire- vent. circuit
What amount humidity is used for incubated patients At lease 30 mg/l
Problems with condensation Poses risk to patient and caregiver, waste water, occluded gas flow through circuit, be aspirated can be prevented with water traps. Placed at low points so its away from patient
What piece of equipment is used to measure the humidity hygrometer
What is bland aerosol Consists of liquid particles suspended in a gas, sterile water and sterile saline can be used.
How much can a unheated large volume nebulizer put out 26-35 mg h2o/l
How much can a heated large volume nebulizer put out 35-55 mg h2o/l
What is a ultrasonic nebulizer Electrically powered device that uses piezoelectric crystal to generate aerosol. Crystal transducer converts radio waves into high freq. Mechanical vibrations that produce aerosol
What does the amplitude do to the ultrasonic nebulizer Directly affects volume of aerosol output. Cannot change the frequency but you can increase the amplitude.
Types of aerosol masks Aerosol mask, trach collar, t-peice, face tent and mist hoods and tents for small children and infants
What kind of solution is used in sputum induction 3- 10% hypersonic saline solution
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