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History of Barbering

Ch. 2 History of Barbering BSP

A. B. Moler wrote the first barbering textbook; opened the first barber school in Chicago in 1893
AMBBA Associated Master Barbers and Beauticians of America
Ambroise Pare French barber-surgeon who became known as the father of surgery
barba Latin for beard
barber pole most often red, white and blue stripped pole that is the iconic symbol of the barbering profession
barber-surgeons early practitioners who cut hair, shaved, and performed bloodletting and dentistry
journeymen barber groups barber employee unions
master barber groups barber employer unions
Meryma'at Egyptian barber commemorated with a statue
National Association of Barber Boards of America association of the state barber boards
Ticinius Mena Sicilian credited with bringing barbering and shaving to Rome in 296 BC
tonsorial related to the cutting, clipping, or trimming of hair with shears or a razor
tonsure a shaved patch on the head
What is the origin of the word barber? barber is derived from the Latin word Barba, meaning beard.
What is the name of the of the Egyptian barber who was commemorated in a sculpture? Meryma'at`
Which country is credited with being the first to develop barbering as an art? Greece
Who is credited with bringing barbering and shaving to Rome? Ticinius Mena
What were the duties of Egyptian barbers as they relate to the priests of that culture? The priests were shaved every third day to ensue purity before entering the temple.
What are the human characteristics sometimes associated with the wearing of the beard? Wisdom, Strength, and Manhood
What were the duties of the barber-surgeons? They assisted monks and priests during surgery, performed bloodletting and minor surgery, administered herbs, and pulled teeth.
What did the barber signused by the barber-surgeons look like? A white pole wrapped with red or with red and blue strips.
Which English company required the barbers to use blue and white pole? The Barber-Surgeon Company
What is the origin of the modern barber pole? It originated from the symbol of the barber-surgeons, which evolved from the technical procedure of bloodletting.
Which ethnic groups brought the barber-surgeons to America? Swedish and Dutch immigrants
What is the name of the employer organizations? Master barber groups
What is the name of the employee organizations? Journeyman barber groups
In what year did A.B. Moler open the first barber school in America? 1893
Where was the location of the first barber school in America? Chicago
Who was the writer of the first barbering textbook? A.B. Moler
Which state was the first to pass a barber license law, and in what year was it passed? Minnesota, 1897
What is the primary function of the state barber boards? to protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public as it relates to the practice of barbering.
What is the name of the national organization under which state barber boards function? National Association of Barber Boards of America
Created by: BSPittsburgh
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