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CH. 3 Professional image BSP

attitude a manner of acting, posturing, feeling, or thinking that shows a person's mood, disposition, mindset, or opinion.
beliefs specific attitudes that occur as a result or our values.
compartmentalization the capacity to keep different aspects of your mental activity separate so you can achieve self-control
diplomacy the art of being tactful
ergonomics the study of human characteristics related to the specific work environment
ethics principles of good character, proper conduct, and moral judgment, expressed through personality, human relation skills, and professional image.
goal setting the identification of short and long term goals
life skills tools and guidelines that prepare you for living as an adult in a challenging world
motivation a desire for change
personal hygiene the daily maintenance of cleanliness and healthfulness through certain sanitary procedures
personality the outward expression of inner feelings, thoughts, attitudes, and values reflected through voice, gestures, posture, clothing, grooming, and environment
professional image the impression projected by a person, consisting of outward appearance and conduct exhibited on the workplace
rapport a close and empathetic relationship that establishes agreement and harmony between individuals
receptivity the extent to which one is interested in and responsive to others' ideas, feelings, and opinions
self-management the ongoing process of planning, organizing, and managing one's life
values the deepest feelings and thought we have about ourselves and about life.
What is an individual’s professional image as it relates to barbering? The impression a person projects while engaged in the profession of barbering
What are some personal elements that are part of an individual’s professional image? Outward appearance, attitude, personality, conduct exhibited in the workplace, prior learning, and life skills
What are life skills? The tools and guidelines that prepare you for living as a mature adult
What are values? The deepest feelings and thoughts we have about ourselves and about life
What are beliefs? Specific attitudes that occur as a result of values; they influence action and behavior.
How can attitudes be altered or changed? By remaining open-minded to new insights
What are some basic requirements for personal and professional health? Hygiene, personal hygiene, personal grooming, rest and relaxation, nutrition, exercise, stress management, a healthy lifestyle, healthy thoughts, and good posture
What is the definition of ergonomics? The study of human characteristics for a specifi c work environment
What is the definition of the term human relations? The psychology of getting along well with others
What are some desirable qualities for effective client relations? Talk less, listen more; emotional control; positive approach; good manners; and acceptable mannerisms
What is the definition of rapport? A close and empathetic relationship that establishes agreement and harmony between individuals
What are the three communication steps that will help to determine a client’s service expectations? Organize thoughts, clarify, and repeat
What are professional ethics? Principles and standards of good character, proper conduct, and moral judgment used in the performance of one’s profession.
Where does the best motivation for learning originate? Internally or intrinsically
What is the primary purpose of state barber board laws, rules, and regulations? To protect the health, safety, and welfare of the public and the community as they relate to the profession of barbering.
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