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Digital Imaging/PACS

TFT Flat-Panel Array Image Acquisition

AMFPI Active-matrix flat-panel imagers
AMFPI flat-panel array with an x-ray absorption material
direct conversion x-ray photons absorbed by photoconductor, a-Se; converted to electrical signal
FET Field effect transistor
FET isolates each pixel element; reacts like switch to send electrical charges to image processor
FPD Flat-panel detector
FPD photoconductor holds surface charge until read by TFT
TFT Thin-film transistor
Gd2O2S Gadolinium Oxysulphide
Gd2O2S unstructured phosphor array; rapidly absorbs x-rays & produces light;
Gain calibration Flat-fielding
Flat-fielding gain calibration; process for removal unwanted densities
gain calibration removes densities that interfer with diagnostic image information
a-Si:H Hydrogenated amorphous silicon
a-Si:H photodiode array photoconductor
scintillators structured or unstructured phosphor arrays that emit light when stimulated by x-rays
CsI scintillator used with amorphous silicon detector; crystalline needles act as light directing tubes; structured scintillator
Artifacts malfunctioning or dead pixels
Created by: ervickie