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Ciao! Capitolo 2

Capitolo 2: Persone e personalit'a

How are you? Como sei tu? (means like how are you, descriptive; I am tall, etc.)
I am... Io sono...
blond biondo(a)
dark-haired bruno(a)
salt and pepper haired brizzolato(a)
bald calvo(a)
tall alto(a)
short basso(a)
young giovane
ugly brutto(a)
rich ricco(a) [plural: ricchi)
poor povero(a)
lucky fortunato(a)
unlucky sfortunato(a)
good buono (a)
bad cattivo(a)
good, talented bravo(a)
intelligent intelligente
active sportivo(a)
lazy pigro(a)
stupid stupido(a)
studious studioso(a)
nice, charming simpatico(a)
unpleasant antipatico(a)
generous generoso(a)
stingy avaro(a)
interesting interessante
amusing divertente
boring noioso(a)
content, pleased contento(a)
sad triste
strong forte
old vecchio(a)
bossy prepotente
sweet (sugar or person) dolce
organized organizzato(a)
precise preciso(a)
Hai i capelli (plural)...
black neri
blond biondi
white bianchi
brown castani
red rossi
short corti
long lunghi
Hai gli occi...?
brown castani
blue (light) azzuri
blue blu
green verdi
gray grigi
black neri
An adjective must agree in gender and number with the noun it modifies.
When an adjective ends in ...
Created by: acarolineh