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Unit 5 Sentences

Sadlier Oxford Vocabulary Workshop Level D Unit 5 Sentence Practice

SentencesAnswer for Blank
The driver of the getaway car was arrested and tried as an __ ( ) in the daring bank robbery; it did not pay to be a partner in crime. Accomplice (noun)
Throughout history, nations that are bitter enemies have sought to __ ( ) each other another rather than foster or promote reconciliation. Annihilate (inf)
They criticized the capricious-minded judge whose rulings appeared always to be ___ ( ) and without legal precedent. Arbitrary (adj)
Behavior considered __ ( ) or saucy in one era may be completely acceptable in another. Brazen (adj)
Enzymes are __ ( ) that aid in the digestion of food; without these as stimuli , food would just sit in our stomachs like lead. Catalysts (n)
The __ ( ) of African Americans to the industrialized North is known as the Great Migration; this hegira negatively affected the South, leaving many farms without the workers they needed to harvest their fruits and vegetables. Exodus (n)
The Federal Reserve Board may lower interest rates in order to ___ ( ) economic growth; citizens would most certainly appreciate this assistance. Facilitate (inf)
Inveterate criminals deemed __ ( ) can expect to receive maximum sentences for their offenses against society. Incorrigible (adj)
Don’t you think it is sad that that many people use only a small fraction of their __ ( ) abilities; they would do well to take them out of their dormant state and activate them. Latent (adj)
In the struggle for civil rights, Martin Luther King advocated peaceful rather than __ ( ) protest; he convinced his supporters to abandon their truculent and aggressive tendencies. Militant (adj)
Heathcliff sat alone, looking __ ( ); he had a sullen, gloomy manner, and no one wanted to approach him. Morose (adj)
I have read the book twice from cover to cover, but the author’s meaning is quite murky, almost ___ ( ); I doubt that I will ever perceive his purpose. Opaque (adj)
In a school system, the safety of the children is __ ( ), most important, during an emergency situation; all parents must be assured that we think of their children first. Paramount (adj)
As she __ ( ) on about her visit to the dentist, I wanted to grab her and scream, “Stop that incessant gibberish!” prattle (noun)
It is the defense lawyer’s job to __ ( ) the charges made by the prosecutor; he must disprove the case that his adversary builds. Rebut (inf)
His boss rebuked him, and then he was discharged form office with an official __ ( ). Reprimand (n)
Although he was born into a life of __ ( ), he shed his thralldom and became a prominent physician, one whom many respected and sought out for treatment. Servitude (n)
The biology teacher was so disgusted with her students’ __ ( ) effort, for her expectations were set high for thorough and in-depth research, that she ripped up their lab reports and told them to start from scratch. Slapdash (adj)
Jacob gave himself a good case of intestinal upset when he foolishly drank from the __ ( ) pond; even flowing water has its dangers. What was he thinking?! Stagnant (adj)
Most dieters at some point __ ( ) to the lure of a high-calorie dessert. It is very difficult to master those sweet-tooth urges. Succumb (v)
Mom and Dad said nothing when I failed the examination, but the disappointed looks on their faces hurt more than a severe __ ( ). Reprimand (n)
Though she had always loved art, Grandma Moses did not discover her own __ ( ) artistic talents until she was well into her seventies. Latent (adj)
The helpful librarian did a lot to ___ ( ) the research for my term paper. Facilitate (inf)
In large areas of the huge swamp, there were __ ( ) pools of water covered with unmoving masses of green slime. Stagnant (adj)
When he was suddenly deprived of everything he valued in life, the poor man became extremely gloomy and ___ ( ). Morose (adj)
After both of the opposing speakers had presented their cases, they were allowed time to __ ( ) each other’s arguments. Rebut (inf)
The fact that you cannot control these small unruly children does not necessarily mean that they are completely __ ( ). Incorrigible (adj)
According to current estimates by international conservation groups, it is highly unlikely that wild leopards will __ ( ) to extinction any time soon. Succumb (verb)
It is an unfortunate fact that the __ ( ) attitudes of Germany’s Kaiser and his saber-rattling cronies helped make World War I inevitable. Militant (adj)
You may think that his explanation is perfectly clear, but I find it confused and __ ( ). Opaque (adj)
In certain industrial processes, __ ( ) speed up the desired reaction by lessening the amount of energy needed to produce it. Catalysts (noun)
It is a frightening fact of modern life that we now possess the weaponry to __ ( ) not only our enemies but all human kind. Annihilate (inf)
As Isabelle had not yet been made acquainted with the view, the __ ( ) distinction of the place, Mr. Osmond directed her steps into the garden without much delay. Paramount (adj)
The second book of the Old Testament is named for the story it recounts of the __ ( ) of the Israelites from the land of Egypt. Exodus (noun)
When hunting, leopards seldom rely on an __ ( ) from their own species to bring down their prey, since the animal is an __ ( ) hermit that prefers a solitary existence. Accomplice (noun) and Incorrigible (adj)
Many people came to the Americas after they had been sentenced to terms of penal __ ( ) for crimes they had committed. Servitude (noun)
The leopard does not discriminate when it comes to food, and the list of its many prey seems almost __ ( ): baboons, lizards, insects, and antelope are all possible meals. Arbitrary (adj)
“If you spent more time and effort on your essays, they would cease to be such __ ( ) affairs,” my old sister priggishly observed. Slapdash (adj)
Leopards prefer to stalk their prey when the __ ( ) shadows of the night allow them to remain hidden hunters, but the animals also __ ( ) hunt during the day. Opaque (adj) and Brazenly (adv)
His friends call him “Motormouth” because he has a remarkable capacity to __ ( ) endlessly about the most trivial matters. Prattle (inf)
Created by: molly565
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