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bays and gulfs

read the headline FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

connects the arabian sea with the red sea gulf of aden
arm of the red sea between the sinai and arabian peninsulas gulf of aqaba
arm of the indian ocean between india and the malay peninsula bay of bengal
north of iberian peninsula and west of france bay of biscay
off miami biscayne bay
south of sydney, australia, explored by cook in 1770 botany bay
arm of the baltic between finland and sweden; the aland islands divide the baltic and this gulf gulf of bothnia
arm of the bering sea north of alaska's aleutian islands bristol bay
arm of the atlantic between baja and mainland mexico gulf of california
arm of the arafura sea, northern australia gulf of carpentaria
between maryland and virginia chesapeake bay
arm of the baltic between helsinki and leningrad gulf of finland
near edinburgh, scotland firth of forth
between nova scotia and new brunswick; creates one of the world's highest tides causing a reversing falls on the lower saint john river bay of fundy
on the gulf coast of texas galveston bay
in the curve of west africa gulf of guinea
site of a us naval base in cuba guantanamo bay
outlet for fur traders, in north canada hudson bay
site of ww 2's large pacific battle leyte gulf
in the curve of mexico and the southeastern us gulf of mexico
south of rhode island narragansett bay
connects the arabian sea and the persian gulf gulf of oman
arm of the arabian sea between iran and the arabian peninsula; contains bahrain persian gulf
site of the 1989 exxon valdez alska oil spill prince william sound
site of and ill-fated 1961 invasion of cuba bay of pigs (Bahia de cochinos0
curved deep into washington state puget sound
south of thailand gulf of siam
in the philipines, with a us base subic bay
inlet of the atlantic at cape town, south africa table bay
arm of the south china sea, bordered by vietnam and china, site of alleged attacks justifying us entrance into the vietnam war gulf of tonkin
formerly a large arm of the north sea, now a fresh-water lake in the netherlands zeider zee
Created by: platypusguy