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m for murder

seaways straits and passages

flows between australia and tasmania bass strait
divides russia and alaska; connects the ___ sea and the arctic ocean bering strait
separates turkey in asia from turkey in europe; connects the marmara and black seas bosporus
between new zealand's main islands cook strait
connects the mediterranean and the sea of marmara dardanelles (hellespont)
known to the french as la manche (the sleeve); lies between england and france; principal islands are isle of wight and channel islands english channel
connects the mediterranean with the atlantic, between africa and europe strait of gibraltar
lies between arabia and iran; links persian gulf with the arabian sea strait of hormuz
arm of the pacific between northwestern washington and south vancouver island; links the pacific with the strait of georgia and the puget sound strait of juan de fuca
links the sea of azov and the black sea kerch strait
joins lakes michigan and huron mackinac
lies between the south american mainland and tierra del fuego magellan strait
runs between sumatra and malaysia strait of malacca
runs between italy and sicily, home of scylla and charybdis strait of messina
was the long-sought route north of america to asia northwest passage
connects the atlantic and pacific oceans across central america panama canal
passes between the red and mediterranean seas in egypt suez canal
passes between java and sumatra sunda strait
Created by: platypusguy