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CRMS Mrs. Rower's SS

Mrs. Rower's Social Studies Class Study Guides

What are the three branches of the Federal Government? Legislative, Executive and Judicial
How many senate seats are in each state? 2
A plan of government is a(n) A. Amendment B. Constitution C. Article D. Rapprochment B. Constitution
Which Article of The Constitution sets up the Legislative Branch? (Article 1, 2, 3 or 4) Article 1
How many branches of government are in the Federal Government of the U.S.? three
Which branch are the President, Vice President, and the Cabinet in? The Executive Branch
What is the name of the document that gives people the "rights"? The Bill of Rights
The Supreme Court is in which branch of government? The Judicial Branch
When something is added to the constitution, it is called a(n) ________. Amendment
The Declaration of Independence was important because________. It stated that the states were free of Britain.
The first plan of government implemented by the Framers was called _______. The Articles of Confederation
The major reason the Framers from the northern states agreed to allow slave trade to continue was that they ________. wanted the South to agree to the new national government.
Which document was ratified in 1788 and was the official plan of government for the United States of America? The Constitution
Dividing the government into three branches is known as ____. separation of powers
The system of checks and balances was to establish _____. prevent branches of government from abusing power
What is the name of the system where no branch has power over the other? Checks and Balances.
Which Amendment allows people the right to "Bare Arms"? The Second
On September 25, 1789 the first Congress of the United States adopted 10 amendments to the U.S. Constitution called the The Bill of Rights
The complicated system the Framers created for choosing the President is known as The electoral college
The final authority, or sovereignty, in the government of the United States is held by the People
The members f the House of Representatives have no term limit and their term is 2 years
Senators have no term limit and their term is 6 years
The President and Vice President term is 4 years and their term limit is 2 times
A member of the Supreme Court is appointed by the Presidents with a term limit of life
Which of the following school situations involves a First Amendment right? A.Principal searches a student's purse B. Principal searches a student's locker C. Principal suspends a student for picketing the school cafeteria Principal suspends a student for picketing the school cafeteria
The right to "due process of law" means that laws and procedures of government must be fair
The fourteenth amendment was intended to guarantee the equal protection of the law to _________. blacks
The United States is what kind of government? A federal republic
The distribution of power in a government between a central authority and the states is ________ federalism
Which amendment protects citizens from incriminating themselves? Fifth
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