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Mrd Unit V

agricultural density the total rural population divided by the amount of arable land
birth rate the number of people who are born in a country
death rate the number of people who die in a country
confluence where two or more rivers come together
demography the study of population trends
epidemic a widespread disease over a small geographic area
fall line an area on a river where boats can no longer go upriver because of cataracts, waterfalls, or rapids
genocide to kill people of a different ethnicity or religion
gross domestic product the sum total of all goods and services produced within a country in a year
immigration to move into a country either legally or illegally
infant mortality how many babies die at birth or within the first few years of life
literacy rate how many people can read or write
megalopolis a series of cities that become interconnected through urban sprawl
migration to move from one place to another place
pandemic an epidemic over a wide geographic area
physiological density the total population divided by the amount of arable land
population density a mathematical equation of the number of people who live per square mile or kilometer
population distribution a rough idea of where people live in a country using relative location
refugee someone who flees from a war, conflict, or political or religious persecution
rural countryside
site the physical location of a city
situation the location of a city in regards to surrounding economic, political, or topographic factors
urban city
urban sprawl when cities become bigger and spread out over a wide area
urbanization when people move into cities
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