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history ch3

for wilson central 8th grade

What was the main goal of the english in colonizing in america they were envyous of spain and want to gain riches
What joint stock company that sponsered Jamstown Virginia company of london
What is a joint stock company it is a company of investers since the british could not finace the voyages
what was the first representative form of govermant in the colonies where House of burgesses Williasburg, virginia
What happened to the lost colony of Roanokewhat was it's name it dissapeared and it's name was the lost colony
Wat was written by the pilgrams before landing in new england the mayflower compact
who fledd to rhode island after being banished from massachusetts anne hutchinson
founded rhode island, a colony that guaranteed religious tolerance and separation of the churh and state roger williams.
expanded representative gov by expanding voting rights to non church members fundamental orders of connecticut
founded boston which became the most important town in new england puritans
believed that sermons and ministers were obstacles to the direct experience of god quackers
the act of tolerance stated wat what replaced it it forbade religious persecution , the anti-catholic law
what was a proprieter who was the proprieter of maryland a singler owner of leader lord baltimore
what were the southern colonies economices based on what did they grow plantations and slavery tabocco rice and cotten
what are the huguenots, where are they from and why did so many settler in charlestown They were french protestens, france, to seek religious freedom.
who was the man in geogia that wanted to help poor settlers establish small farms. james oglethorpe he opposed slavery, and wanted a free population
Why was georgia founded? To defend english colonies from the french louisisana and the spainish florida
wat is the differene between the proprietary colonies and the royal coloies. proprietary are owned by a single owner. royal is owned bykings appointed officars.
which colony was established by the dutch along the hudson river wat is it's new name new netherland and new name is new york
wat is the new netherlands a dutch colony that later became new york, along the hudson river
wat is a patroon a person rewarded with a large land grant for bringing 50 settlers into new netherlands
Wat formed three countries that were granted their own assembly by william penn Delaware
Who was peter stuyvesant Expanded new netherlands by taking over new sweden in 1655
Who received land from Charles 2 as part of a debt to his family william penn
what was gven to sir geoge carteret and lord john berkeley by the duke of york New jersey
wat states are in the northern colonies maine new hamphire massachsetts conneticut rhode island
wat are the middle colonies new york pennsylvania delaware new jersey
wat are the southern colonies maryland virgina north carolina south carolina geogia
Created by: catseye