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Gym Lifting Unit

Lifting Terms

Repetition One complete movement of exercise
Set Group of Repetitions
Negative Easy part of the repetition in which the weight is moving with the flow of gravity
Muscular Strength Amount of weight an individual can lift in one repetition
Muscular Endurance Ability to use a muscle for an extended period of time without failure
Muscular Failure First repetition that falls due to inadequate muscular strength
Recovery Period of time an individual needs to recuperate from an exercise
Duration Amount of time an individual participates in an activity
Cadence Pace an object moves
Concentric Contraction Movement of a weight against the force of gravity (difficult)
Eccentric Contraction Movement of a weight against the force of gravity (easy)
Spotter Weight training partner that provides postive feedback and helps complete sets once you have reached muscular failure
Barbell Five to seven foot long bar with rotating outer ends that weighs 45lbs
EZ Barbell barbell with a zigzag grip that weighs 25lbs
Dumbbell Piece of weight training equipment used to perform exercises that is usually held in one hand and comes in various weights
Collar/Clip Device that tightly secures plates to a barbell
Cardiac Muscle Category muscle shaped like a star, found in the heart
Involuntary Muscle Muscle that performs its job without conscious thought, used by the organs of our body
Voluntary Muscle Muscle that performs its job under conscious thought. All skeletal muscles discussed in this unit are examples of voluntary muscles.
White Fast Twitch Muscles Provides short, explosive contractions, but fatigues quickly due to poor blood supply
Red Slow Twitch Muscles Provides slower weaker contractions, contracts for long period of time without fatigue due to rich blood supply.
Hand Placement Always use the grip on the bar to make sure your hands are even.
Maintain Correct Position Maintain proper technique,proper technique and work to their potential.
Breathing Breathe during eccentric contraction (negative) and out during the concentric contraction (difficult portion)
Cadence Easy portion-four secondsDifficult portion-two seconds
Overload To improve your stength muscles must be under stress that it can't handle. If you can lift without your spotter your muscles aren't getting stronger.
Rest Never lift the same muscles on two days in the row. Muscles need at least one day to recover.
Increase Your Weight Increase the amount of weight you're lifting each repetition of each set without your spotter
Bench Press Pectorals, deltoids, and triceps
Incline Bench Press Pectorals, deltoids, and triceps
Military Press Deltoids and triceps
Skull Crushers Triceps
Lat Pull-Down Latissimus Dorsi and biceps
Single Arm Row Trapezius, latissimus doris, and biceps
Curls Biceps
Russian Twist Abs
Squat Quads, hamstrings, and glutes
Lunge Hamstrings and glutes
Deltoids Shoulder
Trapezius Between neck and shoulders on the back of the body
Bicep Front of the upper arm
Pectoralis Chest
Triceps Back of upper arm
Flexors Front of forearm
Gluteus Maximus Back of hips
Abdominals Stomach
Hamstring Back of thighs
Quadriceps Front of thigh
Gastrocnemius Calf
Created by: KenneyElena